Kiev deployed powerful surface-to-air missile systems to E. Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian plane crash

Buk Surface To Air Missiles

The Ukrainian military reportedly deployed a battery of Buk surface-to-air missile systems, capable of bringing down high-flying jets, to the Donetsk region the day before the Malaysian passenger plane crashed in the area.

Itar-Tass and Interfax news agencies are citing a source familiar with the issue, who said that another battery of Buk systems is currently being prepared for shipment to Donetsk region from the Ukrainian city of Kharkov.

The Donetsk region remains the scene of heavy fighting between government troops and the forces of the opposition, which refused to recognize the regime change in Kiev and demand federalization.

A Malaysian Airlines aircraft en route from Amsterdam to Malaysia crashed in Eastern Ukraine – not far from the Russian border – on Thursday.

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2 thoughts on “Kiev deployed powerful surface-to-air missile systems to E. Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian plane crash”

  1. Anybody have an idea as to whether it was a Russian based or Ukrainian based? I understand that the plane was over the country of Ukraine when it was shot down, but are there any identifiable traits that point towards one group over the other. A friend and me were discussing it and he thinks it is Russia plain and simple (info based on other uniformed people). I am leaning towards Ukraine misfiring thinking it was a Russian plane, but again I don’t pretend to be an expert. Any thoughts to share would be great.

    • I am trying to figure all of this out as well. I think that it is good not to jump to conclusions, but unfortunately I think that is what most people are doing.

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