Latest Unedited Planned Parenthood Video Confirms Aborted Babies Being Sold To Create Super-Mice

Planned Parnethood Evil

Earlier this week InfoWars reported on the fact that a study cited in The Scientist and the Journal of Neuroscience indicates that the brains of aborted babies are being transplanted into mice in labs.

Now, the release of the full, unedited latest Planned Parenthood video from the Center For Medical Progress, made public Thursday, has confirmed the abortion organisation is indeed involved with this practice.

Life News reports that

The full video, which runs for five hours and forty-five minutes, expands on a conversation between Melissa Farrell, Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, and two CMP actors posing as representatives of an organ procurement company. That conversation focused on potential compensation to Planned Parenthood in exchange for fetal remains.


In the lengthy video, Farrell is seen looking over her e-mail when she finds a message from an immune-biology laboratory that was requesting fetal tissue to create humanized mice. The full conversation can be reviewed beginning at the 4:27:45 time marker on the full video.

As we noted in our report earlier in the week, the purpose of transplanting baby remains into mice was to study immune-deficiency diseases, with a view to developing new pharmaceutical drugs.

Essentially, fetus brains were “minced” (the actual word used in the paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience) and the glial cells, cells that support neurons in the nervous systems, were extracted and injected into lab mice. The mice incorporated the glial cells into their brain and “outperformed normal mice almost fourfold in a variety of cognition tests.”

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