Mad Cow, Drought and E. Coli: The Fragile American Food Supply

Food Inflation, Food Shortages And Food Riots Are Coming

Recent news reports have been unsettling for those doing the food shopping. A threat of “mad cow” disease last week forced the recall of over 4,000 pounds of fresh beef products originating from a Missouri processor and shipped to restaurants and a Whole Foods distribution center servicing stores in New England. An anti-biotic resistant super bacterium was found in South Korean squid sold in Canada. Meanwhile, a prolonged drought in California is threatening nearly half of the U.S. produce output.

America’s food supply is fragile and under threat. Evolving bacteria strains, improper food handling, storage and preparation are among the main causes – as well as climate change. Rising temperatures, less rainfall and volatile weather could reduce food production and cause dramatic price increases. Consumers have seen the effects already, with record-high beef prices.

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