Marine Veteran Claims To Have A Near Death Experience During Which He Went To Hell

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Is hell real?  Marine veteran Shawn Weed is absolutely convinced.  For approximately 8 minutes his body was clinically dead, and what he experience during that time is incredibly sobering.  So was his near death experience real?  I encourage you to watch the video below and decide for yourself…

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2 thoughts on “Marine Veteran Claims To Have A Near Death Experience During Which He Went To Hell”

  1. The most important lie ever told is that there is nothing after we die. We leave the flesh. That it simply is over with. The flesh does die and it does go back to the dirt from which it came.
    The truth is that the universe is multi-dimensional. We perceive a small fraction of those dimensions in the flesh.
    The brain is normally the source of our intellectual activity and the source of our memories. When that folds up camp and we die then what is left? The lie is that nothing is left and we simply cease to exist as an intelligent animal on this planet.
    What is left is the soul. The controller of everything that we are. How it works no one knows for sure.
    A set of dimensions that act together is normally called a plain. This man obviously had his soul go to another set of dimensions outside of our plain of existence.
    By this definition, there is a plain of Hell. There is also a plain of Heaven. Both of which are independent of the plain we call the Earth, heavens, in combination being the Universe we perceive.
    That Universe is a lot older than anyone knows. It is incredibly big in relationship with our size.
    I am legally blind on my left side. Instead of my brain seeing the images from this eye, it rejects the vision from that eye and I use the right eye for all my visual needs. If I close that right eye, the left one automatically kicks in giving me a view of 20/400. This is called lazy eye. It is a survival tool for some people that should have gone cross-eyed at an early age(under the age of 10).
    My normal vision in the right eye is 20/15. Though as I get older it is gradually drifting to 20/20.
    Because of the enormous difference in vision, my brain censors the one side in favor of the other.
    I believe that just as I reject the vision of one eye, a lot of people have an inner vision that they reject of the spiritual plain. Myself included. I have no real conscious control over this mechanism of rejection of the vision of one eye.
    Just as when I close the vision of my right eye off, I think that when people die they become a soul outside the body. They are blinded by the body’s perceptions. Automatically when they die they then perceive this other plain of existence in which the soul inhabits
    So we co-exist. The soul side is censored by the physical body and brain. Some people can see both sides. Without training, it leads to insanity. So I warn anyone to leave that alone.
    Where we go after we die is the subject of this testimony.
    I believe we are subject to a higher power on that plain and go where our actions on this plain have led us.
    The key to escaping the Hell Plain appears to be our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Savior.
    None are without error and sin. If that be the case, and I believe that, then the only way to access the place of Heaven will be through Jesus.
    There are a lot of unanswered questions. So taking it all on faith is a big step for just about anyone. That this former marine actually died and came back is one of those mysteries. That it scared him is the real test.
    None of us will ever be perfect in this flesh. But the decision to accept Jesus Christ has to be made here. IT would be nice to be aware of all the rules. But then the opposition would have no chance with any of us.

  2. Plane not plain and the string theory says 11 dimensions we do not see them because they vibrate to fast for our minds to recognize. Some would further suggest we live in a multiverse. time is not real it is just a convenience as Einstein said. Pre destiny and free will co-exist.

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