Marty Breeden Just Had Another Amazing Prophetic Dream – Please Read And Share!

Many people greatly underestimate the extent to which God can speak to us through dreams.  But the truth is that God spoke to His servants in dreams all throughout the Bible, and He is still speaking to us this way.  Because dreams can often be highly symbolic and can require a lot of interpretation, many in the Christian world are dismissive of the prophetic importance of dreams.  That is a mistake, because if the Lord is trying to tell us something we need to be listening.

Below is a dream from Marty Breeden.  If you have any insight into what this dream could mean, please feel free to leave a comment.  And if you have a dream that you would like to share, please email it to themostimportantnews @  Of course we don’t publish everything that is sent to us, but we do have a burden to share the dreams and visions that God is giving to His servants in this hour, because the world needs to hear.

The following is Marty’s latest dream…

(By Marty Breeden) AMAZING dream on June 3, 2019:

Must read!!!

In the early morning hours, I had a dream where the scenario and the symbolism, I find just amazing:

I was driving down a country road and I had my wife and my youngest daughter with me.

Oddly enough we were in a convertible.

I begin to see dark storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

SUDDENLY, the winds begin to blow fiercely, the rain begin to fall, the skies grew very very dark.

The lightning begin to strike all around us, but never hitting us, the thunder, felt as though it shook the ground!!

Then trees and and obstructions begin to blow onto the road in front of us.

Oddly enough, even though the road was a bit bumpy at times, I just stayed straight on the road and was totally unhindered by the debris or the tree limbs.

Then my youngest , who was in the backseat leaned up and asked:

“Daddy, are we going to make it?”

I tried to bring her comfort and assurance and told her with great confidence

“Yes honey, we are going to make it, and I promise to get you all the way home safely!”…….


(Also feel free to add your thoughts)

The road being symbolic of our current life and journey.

We see the storms of life all around us, and we constantly have things thrown into our path to stop us and deter us and slow us down.

Regardless of these obstacles, we keep pressing forward and stay on the road.
I think my daughter was symbolic of the child of God!

She was seeing all the devastation going on around her and was greatly concerned.

Then, symbolically, I as her Father, just like we would take our concerns to our heavenly Father, tried to calm her down by letting her know that I saw everything that was going on, but that I was maintaining control REGARDLESS of the storms, and promised to get her home safely!

So my friends, though the storms are all around us, though debris and obstacles try to hinder our path, God sees all, knows all, and is totally committed to bringing us through the storms, and taking us safely through them, all the way home to HEAVEN!!!!!