Michael Savage changing radio show format to become ‘life coach’

Radio Microphone - Public Domain

Move over, Oprah, make room for … Michael Savage?

The caustic radio host best known for espousing conservative views to his millions of listeners each weeknight is making a huge change in 2015: Gone will be the constant slash-and-burn politics for which he’s been best known for many years.

Savage is pivoting his “The Savage Nation” to a more uplifting note, a la Oprah Winfrey, according to the Washington Times.

“To hear about politics every day is boring,” Savage told the Times. “I’ll continue to talk about the news when we need to talk about it. Next year, though, I’m moving into diverse lifestyle topics as well.”

Lacking a father figure in your life? Savage will have you covered.

“I used to have a segment on the program, when I played ‘Dr. Savage,’ and callers asked me for help with problems in their everyday lives. Next year, we’re bringing that back,” he said.

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