More Than Half The U.S. Is Covered In Snow

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There was already four feet of snow on the ground at noon Tuesday in Elma, N.Y., and it was snowing so hard Dennis Powers couldn’t see out his window.

“We’re getting hammered,” said Powers, supervisor for the town of 11,300 people less than 20 miles from Lake Erie. “We could get 2-3 more feet of snow. And the wind chill is 2 degrees. So it’s cold.”

Plummeting temperatures and lake-effect snow brought weather havoc to much of the North and East on Tuesday, with some areas battling snow measured in feet and white-out highway conditions.

The U.S. awoke Tuesday to its coldest November morning since 1976, WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue said. More than 85% of the Lower 48 states — and 226 million Americans — reached or fell below freezing, he said. The National Weather Service reported that every state saw freezing temperatures.

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1 thought on “More Than Half The U.S. Is Covered In Snow”

  1. What it is all about is Carbon Dioxide and the ability to conduct both heat and cold.
    What I think is happening the last 3 winters is that we are seeing an averaging out of temperatures between the arctic and the equator.
    If you look at the latest map of this storm it extends almost from the pole all the way down to Florida.
    We used to use dry ice(carbon dioxide) to refrigerate ice cream in ice cream trucks and elsewhere.
    Three years ago we had a very mild winter. The last two years we have had much more severe weather.
    When Carbon DIoxide was low in our atmosphere, Oxygen was normally high. There is a balance between animal life and plants that has been disturbed. Carbon DIoxide is probably higher today than it has been in the last 3 million years.
    That doesn’t make the situation critical. What it does is give us side effects and one big one is weather changes.
    If we shift the level of CO2 too fast, we will get an ice age. If we don’t we are likely to see super storms and entire communities frozen in a block of ice. There is no winning such a situation. We have been there before with extreme volcanic activity.
    My suggestion is we need to plant as many oxygen producing plants as we can and get them growing.
    That is going to have to happen all over the planet. If it doesn’t, then we are in store for quite a mess.
    The only other way to do this is to engineer an engine that works to break Carbon Dioxide down as it travels. Don’t see many engineers out there addressing that problem. But for each carbon monoxide producing engine out there you need something to balance the effect.
    I think the monoxide is actually changing over to dioxide.

    No one car is responsible for any of this. Take all the nations all over the planet driving these vehicles with these engines in them and it is a slightly different story.
    The other problem is that the plants we have destroyed in the ocean are no longer balancing out the oxygen in our air. That could be a short term problem or it could be the end of all of us down the road.
    Please do not get me wrong. Only competent scientists specializing in this field are likely to have a handle on the problem or the potential solution to the problem. Everything I have said here is just a guess.

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