NASA Is Developing Stasis Chambers That Will Allow Astronauts To Engage In ‘Cryosleep’ For An Extended Period Of Time

Seriously?  You have probably seen movies where space travelers are put in sleep chambers for their extended journeys, but most of us never thought that we would see such a thing during our lifetimes.

Well, guess again.

This is a technology that NASA is actually actively working on

You probably thought it was infinitely cool when Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo first emerged from their cryosleep chambers in Alien, but now that slice of sci-fi could become a reality in our lifetime.

NASA and SpaceWorks Enterprises are currently developing a stasis chamber (as opposed to individual pods like those in the movie) that could induce an extended state of torpor, or metabolic inactivity medically brought on by lowering body temperature to the point of mild hypothermia, that could allow astronauts to snooze for at least two weeks on end during longer missions. Also unlike Alien, in which everyone is temporarily in freeze-frame until the ship arrives at its destination, the crew would rotate cryosleep shifts so there is always someone conscious in case something goes awry where no one can here you scream.

Once they accomplish this, what is next?

Actual working teleporters?