New Perry Stone Dream: “I looked behind and saw a massive wave of water sweeping over the mountain behind me”

On Wednesday, Perry Stone posted a startling dream that he just had, and it has so many similarities to other dreams and visions that I have shared on this website over the past few months.  The following comes directly from his Facebook page

ANOTHER WARNING! I do not post dreams I have unless I know there is a meaning or a warning connected with the dream. Last night, I was standing on a hill carrying on a conversation with several people I knew. Suddenly I began to hear across a mountain, a chorus of voices, as though people were in panic. I began yelling at those with me, “Run now – run to the house on the mountain in the distance.” As I looked back I could see one couple (who lives on the east coast) standing still and not following my demand to get away.

As I began running as fast as I could, the voices became bolder and stronger. It reminded me of the screaming on 9-11 when the towers fell. I heard a male voice from among the voices say, “It is going to change.” These was repeated three times. Before I could make it to the house, I looked behind and saw a massive wave of water sweeping over the mountain behind me. It covered the entire mountain.

I awoke with my heart racing. Symbolically, the mountains or a singe mountain can represent a state or a nation. The voices were the people being impacted by some form of destruction. The water could be a massive, and I mean massive hurricane on the east coast. However, because there was water rolling in, my first thought was a tsunami caused by an earthquake in the ocean in the region where these two people live. The house on the hill (located on another mountain) alludes to safety in the Lord – building your house upon the rock. The voice saying “It is going to change” was I believe indicating what will occur is going to totally change not only the area of the destruction but the lives of people.

As many of you know for many years I have received dreams and on a few occasion full color visions of massive waves coming into coastal states in the United States. I often hesitate in sharing this on social media as there is always “well meaning” scoffers who mocks any warning. However, this morning I chose to share this and say we must all pray for God to help and direct us in these days. Lot was moved to Zoar prior to Sodom being devastated and was spared with his two daughters. Jesus warned that before his return, “the sea and the waves would be roaring.” If you have had a similar dream of water coming in, please post it so we can see what is being revealed to others.