Nurses at Texas hospital: ‘There were no protocols’ about Ebola

Hospital Corridor - Public Domain

“The guidelines were constantly changing” and “there were no protocols” at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas as the hospital treated a patient with Ebola, the president of National Nurses United told reporters Tuesday.

Protective gear nurses wore at first left their necks exposed, union co-president Deborah Burger said, citing information she said came from nurses at the hospital.

Union officials declined to specify how many nurses they had spoken with. They said they would not identify the nurses or elaborate on how the nurses learned of the details they are alleging in order to protect them from possible retaliation. The nurses at the hospital are not members of a union, officials said.

In response to the allegations, a spokesman said patient and employee safety is the hospital’s top priority.

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1 thought on “Nurses at Texas hospital: ‘There were no protocols’ about Ebola”

  1. Well, they had to go to a labor union to get any attention about the lack of protocols at that hospital.
    That is a really sad commentary on management at that hospital. It is a sadder comment on state security and regulation of said hospital.
    The biggest reason that unions exist is to counter the extremely poor management of companies everywhere.
    That nurse union is doing the job. I belonged to a skilled craft union all my life. I was the shop steward for a number of years and I even collected and accounted for dues to that union. Companies hate unions because they take some of the control away from the management.
    They should be kissing their boots right now. Nurses are professional, skilled workers, licensed by the states, and often make good money.

    Most times Registered Nurses do not want a union because they will have to pay dues to that union. So instead they put up with extremely poor working conditions to make enough money to survive on.
    The companies are in control in Texas. So getting a foothold there is not likely to happen until they are dealing with life and death situations caused by management. Now everyone fears for their lives and I do not blame them. But pay dues? Not likely.
    Craft Unions are for skilled help. They maintain standards and even supervisors are often a part of that union and toe the line of that skill.
    When people acting as people do crazy or stupid things, it is the goal of the Union to meet with management and correct the situation.
    They also insist on decent wages. They insist on professional standards which is what the state is supposed to do.
    They insist on contracts with the group so that no one gets screwed by management in the daily adjustments needed to make things work.
    That also means no crap when it comes to meeting those standards and protecting the workers from unfair labor practices which is where this situation belongs. The hospital is guilty of an unfair labor practice when it jeopardizes worker’s health in the pursuit of their job.
    Nurses are in a catch 22 situation. ON the one hand they cannot strike. On the other, they need protection from people like this.
    Personally the day that guy showed up was the day I would have quit on the spot and went somewhere else to practice nursing.
    To do that means a hardship. But death is a far harder problem if your families are also vulnerable because of their poor practices.
    They should be waiting in line to sue that place for everything they can get.

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