Obama Just Unilaterally & Unconstitutionally Changed Immigration Policy for the Chinese, Taking Away More Jobs from Americans

Barack Obama

Just when you thought we might be slightly safe from the Obama’s destructive onslaughts, he sells us out while over in China. When are we going to be able to get rid of this one man wrecking ball of a President?

Can’t he just go golfing for the next 2 years? Just when you thought he was out of our hair, he just unilaterally changed our immigration laws AGAIN.

Mark Levin, author and top radio broadcaster, is furious and says, “Despite 40% of illegal aliens being “visas overstays” …Obama announced a new plan to extend Chinese student visas to 5 years and business and tourist visas to 10 years, saying the move will boost jobs in the United States. Really? How?  This man doesn’t know how to boost jobs in the United States. He knows how to boost jobs OUTSIDE the United States.

He’s a job destroyer. He’s a one man wrecking ball…

It’s a sad day in hell, isn’t it, when the Chinese economy is freer than ours? When the communist despots understand capitalism better than our Imperial president?

So he’s already changed our immigration laws unilaterally. He has no statutory authority to do this. It doesn’t matter.”

“Clearly Obama doesn’t work for the American people; we’ve known that since before he took his first lying breaths as America’s chief executive in swearing to uphold the Constitution. He has now shown that he works not only for Arab interests
in the Middle East, but for the wealthy Chinese as well.” Rick Wells

Rick Wells wrote a story titled The Invasion of America Continues, saying, “In the conduct of his never-ending drive to turn the United States into nothing more than a spot on the international map of socialist nations, Hussein Obama chose to make an announcement on his visit to China that is just the latest assault in a series against our national sovereignty.
There were likely no patriotic Americans who knew this sellout was in the offing or we would have heard about it somewhere other than on television from a foreign country, the one he is benefiting with his latest giveaway of America.

He was probably well advised to choose that overseas venue. It was surely better received there than it will be here, but the sellout communist is going to have some explaining to do when he gets back to the U.S.”

In making the announcement, Obama said,

 “I am very pleased to announce that during my visit the United States and China have agreed to implement a new arrangement for visas that will benefit everyone from students to tourists to businesses larger and small. Under the current arrangement visas between our two countries last for only one year. Under the new arrangement, student and exchange visas will be extended to five years.
Business and tourist visas will be extended to ten years.”

“Clearly there is no form of amnesty, foreign occupation of the United States or effort to minimize American exceptionalism that Hussein Obama isn’t enamored with.

What the heck is a ten-year tourist or a ten year business trip? They are nothing short of stealth authorizations to work and live in the United States. Even if work permits are not a component of the initial rollout, we can be certain that those Chinese businesses that set up in America will be hiring their countrymen. So will the big tech companies and others seeking lower wage skilled labor.  If the mechanisms aren’t already in place, they soon will be.

We can be sure that the big money interests that have been pushing for H1-B foreign workers will now simply draw from the new and utterly ridiculous category of “ten year tourists.”

The big money that corporate America invested in Obama was certainly well-spent and those interests must be thrilled. But Obama’s not finished yet. He’s got treaties that are far worse, much longer and more complex to try to shove down the throats of the American people before they realize what’s happened. He’s just getting started.

America would be well-served if Obama just stayed in China. Maybe they’ll give him a ten year visa, effective immediately, make it twenty. Then again, they probably don’t want people like him in their country either.”

Article authored by Carol Serpa. You can find the original story right here.