Obama Launches Scorched Earth Policy in Final Days Before Trump


Outgoing President Obama is launching a scorched earth policy to destroy international relations before President-elect Trump takes office.

As Obama withdraws from the presidency, he’s inflicting damage on anything that could help the transition of incoming President Trump, such as friendly relations with world leaders.

Right now, Obama is fueling so many international fires that President Trump will likely spend his first 100 days in office simply putting them out.

It’s about the only thing a lame duck president can do to undermine his successor, and Obama’s destructive behavior is the same tactic Civil War General Sherman used in his March to the Sea in which he systematically destroyed everything in his path to psychologically destroy the South.

The strategy explains why the Obama administration is announcing economic sanctions against Russia for unproven “election hacking” despite the fact that moving trucks are figuratively lining up outside the White House.

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