Obama Orders Insurance Industry to Withhold New Prices Until AFTER Midterm Elections

Barack Obama Feet On The Oval Office Desk

There is also something different with these cancellations, something that has never happened before in the healthcare insurance industry. Past practice has always been that the next year’s new rates are released 60 days before the first day of the next year. But Obama has mandated that companies hold back on that normal practice so that he can shield Democrats at the polls.

Here is how insurance agent C. Steven Tucker explained it this weekend:

This year, for the first time in 20 years I can not even quote a replacement product because Barack Obama has issued a GAG ORDER to the health insurance industry instructing them not to disclose their January 2015 health insurance rates until after the mid-term elections. This is unprecedented. Normally health insurance premiums are released for public viewing 60 days before the January 1st effective date. Where are the reports on these cancellations and the gag order from NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN? The only news organization that I am aware of that has reported on any of this is the Fox News channel. I can guarantee you one thing, not one of my clients who received a cancellation notice is voting Democrat on Tuesday.

This is once again proof that healthcare is not about health for this most corrupt president in American history. It is politics all the way through for this man.

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2 thoughts on “Obama Orders Insurance Industry to Withhold New Prices Until AFTER Midterm Elections”

  1. That is because the rates are going down? NOT!
    Thank-you Republicans! This man is your responsibility. If you had not put up losers against him then he would not be President at all.
    First you put a man that has spent time in Hanoi Hilton as a POW? That is spelled potential Manchurian Candidate . . .
    Then you put up a man as candidate who made his living putting people out of work? Closing factories, selling off the assets . . .
    Are you sure you don’t have someone under the gutter you can put up in 2016? So no matter how bad a Democratic President is, he is better than the alternative? I am saying that the Republican Party twice now has deliberately put a Democrat in office in order to make that party look very bad. It is working. In the next election Republicans will carry the day. They might even take over the Senate.
    According to the courts, the only person that can challenge the President’s qualifications to be in office is the suffering party. That means that Senator McCain or Mr. Romney are the only ones that can present charges of not being qualified to run for office against the standing President Obama. So even if all his paperwork is a forgery, on a technicality, the courts are ruling that only candidates that ran against him can bring charges against him for being presented as a candidate while he has a false social security number and a questionable birth certificate.
    If I wrote a book about this 20 years ago, no one would believe that it could happen this way.
    Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
    When this new Congress takes over. IF it is a Republican Congress, what exactly do the Republicans claim that they will change?
    Because as an alternative to rats in office, I do not see any answers coming from the Republican Party.
    What I do see is a whole lot of sponsors out there like Health Insurance Companies that are likely backing a Republican takeover of Congress. What I suspect will happen is there are going to be a whole lot of Republicans not saying much at all about Health Insurance Rates going through the ceiling. Guess who bought them dinner?
    We are dealing with a political scam no matter who takes over Congress.
    I suspect the new administration in Congress will be doing a whole lot of sitting on their hands and doing nothing.
    I really enjoyed the portrayal of Republican Politics in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Now the question in my mind is just how accurate in the present day is Boardwalk Empire in portraying Republicans in Congress?
    The Democratic scam is when you wake up next year, the rates for Health Insurance under Obamacare are going to be unaffordable.
    If it wasn’t so, they would be bragging about it before the election.

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