“Old Church Dream”

In this day and age, it is so easy for churches and Christian ministries to get away from the simplicity of the message of the cross.  I believe that a dream that Marty Breeden just posted on his Facebook page is an important reminder for all of us…

“Old church Dream”

I want to share a dream from last night that I think is largely personal, but also applies to the body as well.

(*Let me preface this dream by saying that I went to bed last night very discouraged…as always I’m honest with you)

In my dream it seemed as though I was leading or Pastoring a group of people.
Some of these people I knew, many I didn’t.
I remembering arriving at this old beat up, tattered and worn out church.
The people followed me to the door.

I recall pulling out my key to unlock the door….and to my surprise, the door was already unlocked!

I remember being embarrassed by this and thinking;
“Good grief, the locks don’t even work, anybody could get in at any time!”

I walked into the church and what I saw stunned me.
No beautiful ornate pews, no great lighting, no fancy pulpit…NOTHING!

In fact there was no electricity, nor any running water.
No hymnals…and the only Bible there was the one I was holding in my hand.

The place was run down, musty, and I saw spider webs.
In shame I hung my head and silently prayed;
“OH GOD!!…how can I possibly lead a people to you and for you, in such dire circumstances in such a run down place?”

It was then that a mighty man of God who I have much respect for spoke up.
This man’s father had great influence on me as a boy, for he was a powerhouse for God.

This brother looked at me compassionately and said;

“Marty, it will be fine!…Don’t worry about anything you see or don’t see…
For the Spirit of the Lord is here!”

My friends I immediately awoke…
In these last days, I do not believe the “church” is going to ever look like it once did….because much of it was broken.
Jesus did say in Luke 14:23 to his disciples and us, that we are to “Go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in!”

We are to go OUT into all the world and tell them to COME INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!!…
That’s where we have often missed it.

It is not about a building or edifice or program or building addition or music or fancy preaching….
It’s about a simple message reaching out to a lost and dying world and inviting them to the Old Rugged Cross!