On eve of Iran deal, Netanyahu says Israel reserves right to defend itself

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On the eve of Monday’s deadline for an accord between the world powers and Iran over Teheran’s nuclear program, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reiterated that Israel would always reserve the right to defend itself, by itself.

Israel, he said in an interview on ABC’s This Week, “will always reserve the right to defend itself against any threat with its own power.”

Netanyahu defined as a “bad deal” any agreement “that would allow Iran to remain with thousands of centrifuges which it could use to enrich uranium, which you need for a nuclear bomb, in a short period of time.”

Netanyahu said the “key principle” is to not dismantle sanctions before Iran’s capacity to make a nuclear bomb is dismantled.

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1 thought on “On eve of Iran deal, Netanyahu says Israel reserves right to defend itself”

  1. Israel will do what is necessary……..undoubtedly the nuclear reactor capacity of Iran will be eliminated……the little dwarf ex pres of Iran Ahmahdinajad said REPEATEDLY when we get the nuclear bomb we are tossing it on Israel……so Israel will bomb reactors and then Iran and (Psalm 83) the immediately surrounding Muslim countries will attack Israel…..but alas God will step in and supernaturally defend Israel. Israel will expand its borders again. But soon it will be (Ezekial 38,39) Russia or Russian Islamic countries leading another attack on Israel………..

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