One Out Of Every Five U.S. Children Live In Poverty

Child Crying - Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

One in five children under age 18, or 21.3%, are living in poverty in the United States, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

In 2012, there were 15,437,000 children under 18 years old, or 21.3%, who were classified in the “below poverty” threshold, according to the Census.

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3 thoughts on “One Out Of Every Five U.S. Children Live In Poverty”

  1. How can the wealthiest nation on earth have so many children living in poverty?

    • There are too many people having kids who can’t afford to have kids. People who think it is their right to have a baby but who don’t have a plan for how they intend to raise that child. No personal responsibility. They look for the government to give them housing, food, medical and a free education. It makes no sense. Why bring a child into the world if you have not the means or desire to try and make something work in your life. No accidents getting pregnant, either, Just irresponsible people. Sad huh.

      • dollars to doughnuts you’re anti-sex education and pro-life. You completely ignore how massively the game is rigged against those without advantages. These are fixable problems, if we chose to fix them.

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