Page 1,324 of 1,648-Page Defense Bill Mandates ‘Legislative Plan’ for National Women’s History Museum

Nancy Pelosi - Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

If you scroll all the way to page 1,318 of the 1,648-page National Defense Authorization Bill that the House Republican leadership posted online at 10:32 p.m. on Tuesday night you will find the beginning of the section that creates a federal commission to develop a plan to build a National Women’s History Museum.

On page 1,324, the bill mandates that this commission “shall” give Congress a “legislative plan of action” to contruct the museum.

The plan for the museum commission has been criticized by conservative women’s groups and leaders who believe it will be tilted toward a feminist, pro-abortion vision of American women–and that it will promote such figures as eugenicist Margaret Sanger and cost-free-contraception health-insurance entitlement advocate Sandra Fluke.

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