Pastor Dana Coverstone Just Had A Shocking New Dream About Election Day In November

Pastor Dana Coverstone just had another amazing dream, and it fits the pattern of all of the other prophetic dreams that he has been having. If you have not seen it yet, you can find the video right here.  Up to this point, these dreams have been right on target, and this is one of the reasons why his dreams have been spreading like wildfire all over the Internet.

In this new dream, it appears that he was shown that the result of the presidential election will be hotly contested and will throw this nation into great turmoil.

In particular, the date of November 3rd was greatly emphasized in this dream, and that is the date when the election will be held.

This is perfectly consistent with what others have been shown.  I definitely believe that September and October will be critical months, but it also sounds like things will be even crazier once we get to election day and beyond.