Planned Parenthood Gets More Than 550 Million Dollars A Year From The U.S. Government

Planned Parnethood Evil

According to its brand new annual report, Planned Parenthood received 553.7 million dollars from the federal government during the 12 months that ended on June 30th.  Within those 12 months, Planned Parenthood conducted 323,999 abortion procedures.  These are numbers that should deeply sadden every American.  In recent months a series of undercover videos have been released that show that Planned Parenthood is harvesting organs and other body parts from the babies that they slaughter.  These organs and body parts are then sold off to the highest bidder, and many of them end up being used in some of the most bizarre scientific experiments imaginable.

But even after seeing all of this, the American people did not want it to stop.  A survey conducted back in September found that the American people want the federal government to continue to fund Planned Parenthood by a more than 2 to 1 margin.

According to that survey, only 29 percent of all Americans wanted to cut off funding.

I was absolutely astounded when I saw that number.

Have we really fallen that far?

What in the world is happening to this country?

And ultimately Congress gave the American people what they wanted.  The “budget deal” that the Republicans just agreed to will continue to fully fund the Planned Parenthood abortion mills.

After watching all of this happen, I can only come to one inescapable conclusion…

America is done.

America is finished, and now we are going to start experiencing the consequences of our actions.

Thanks to the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, our guilt was put on display for all the world to see.  We were given one more opportunity to repent, but instead we shook our fists at God.

Most Americans seem to think that we can keep getting away with this, but in the end our punishment is going to match the severity of our crime.

America is headed for judgment, and we are going to deserve every bit of what is about to happen to us.