How police stripped ‘patriots’ of their guns and threatened them with arrest as they guarded businesses in Ferguson – but let rioters set fire to building after building

Ferguson Violence - Photo from Wikipedia

The Oath Keepers were thrust into the spotlight when photos of them standing guard on top of buildings in Ferguson to stop them being burned during the recent unrest were published in the national media.

They are a pro-constitution group of former and serving soldiers, fireman and cops with a reported membership of 35,000, all of whom are volunteers.

They have been courted by the Tea Party, count Glenn Beck among their admirers and are deeply suspicious of the government.

One of the pledges in their manifesto reads: ‘We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.’

The dramatic incident was captured last weekend on top of a building the Oath Keepers vowed to protect, they say after seeking permission of all the business owners.

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2 thoughts on “How police stripped ‘patriots’ of their guns and threatened them with arrest as they guarded businesses in Ferguson – but let rioters set fire to building after building”

  1. This article seems right in line with the one just above it on the main page, “19 Signs That You Live In A Country That Has Gone Completely Insane.”

  2. The problem is there seems to be evidence that the police are not able to do their job because of orders coming down from above.
    The problem is the National Guard was told to back down and allow the riots.
    So someone comes forward with rifles and tells the rioters to get lost. Get lost or get shot.
    I think finding out WHO gave the orders to stand down and let the riots go on should be first priority in the U.S. Congress in January.
    Then I think someone who gave those orders needs to be put in jail.
    I think every one of those businesses destroyed in Ferguson needs to sue that person in civil court for damages. Those damages includes the total destruction of property and businesses.
    But what do you do when a court is on the side of government? When bias is literally keeping justice from occurring?
    That is what the riots are all about. The black people of Ferguson do not feel they got justice in a court of law and they may or may not be right. The point is they are taking the justice they need to the streets. Innocent people are getting hurt because these people are showing themselves to be barbarians instead of law abiding citizens.
    I would bring up the naughty word. Impeach or recall the judges making bad decisions. That is next to impossible but it can be done if there is enough of a majority of people out there willing to do it.
    The ultimate law is always in the hands of the silent majority of people. What has to happen is laws have to be changed so that the silent majority of people can make changes when public officials are obviously corrupt. It has been a long time coming. In the earlier days of this country it was not so. We had the option of other political parties coming into power as the old ones became too corrupt to get elected.
    Anybody remember the political parties of the 19th century? Probably not. But they were just as powerful as any party today. Then the combined Democrat/Republican party came into power. They set up a nominal system where one party was for and the other was against issues. People voted for the party no matter which side they voted on. Basically they fixed things at the state level so no other parties could ever get elected again.
    Otherwise we would now have a Black party. We might have a strong Labor party. Or any number of other parties out there with a strong voter support. There might even be a Christian party. Of course, the rich would also have their party of choice.
    In recent history the party voted in strong security laws that are basically unconstitutional. Over 300 members of Congress from both parties approved such legislation the last time. Nothing was even said about it in the recent election.
    Laws that basically did away with DUE PROCESS in a court of law and allowed them to lock up anyone at any time for absolutely no reason at all.
    The pressure cooker is on. And as the weakness of government is exposed that pressure cooker is coming apart. It all ready has in Ferguson. Now the reaction is also starting and these people are taking the law into their own hands to protect what is basically there right to defend themselves against rioters since the government did not.
    Courts and laws are only as good as the public being behind them. Otherwise you end up with a forced state of military juntas.
    That might be the goal of the government. They want things to boil over so that they can declare military law.

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