How police stripped ‘patriots’ of their guns and threatened them with arrest as they guarded businesses in Ferguson – but let rioters set fire to building after building

Ferguson Violence - Photo from Wikipedia

The Oath Keepers were thrust into the spotlight when photos of them standing guard on top of buildings in Ferguson to stop them being burned during the recent unrest were published in the national media.

They are a pro-constitution group of former and serving soldiers, fireman and cops with a reported membership of 35,000, all of whom are volunteers.

They have been courted by the Tea Party, count Glenn Beck among their admirers and are deeply suspicious of the government.

One of the pledges in their manifesto reads: ‘We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.’

The dramatic incident was captured last weekend on top of a building the Oath Keepers vowed to protect, they say after seeking permission of all the business owners.

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