Price tag for the American dream: $130K a year

American Dream Is Over

An analysis by USA TODAY shows that living the American dream would cost the average family of four about $130,000 a year. Only 16 million U.S. households — around 1 in 8 — earned that much in 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

In an interview, co-author Thomas Hirschl, a professor at Cornell University, stressed that for the dozens of people they surveyed and interviewed, the American dream was not about becoming one of the 1%.

“It’s not about getting rich and making a lot of money. It’s about security,” he said. It’s also as much about hope for the next generation as it is about the success of this one. “They want to feel that their children are going to have a better life than they do,” said Hirschl.

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2 thoughts on “Price tag for the American dream: $130K a year”

  1. $130,000? Wow. I’ve never made that much in one year in my life. I guess for most Americans, including me, The American Dream is just that–a dream.

  2. This is probably another stat like the average cost of a wedding or to raise a child. How about you post something without BS numbers? Now you’re just being like the government with your inaccuracies.

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