Rand Paul just introduced his Obamacare Replacement Act

The bill, named the Obamacare Replacement Act, would eliminate several provisions of the ACA, including the individual mandate and minimums on coverage standards. The bill’s fact sheet doesn’t mention any provision to allow parents to keep a child on their insurance until they turn 26.

Interestingly, Paul’s plan would provide a two-year window for people with preexisting conditions to sign up for care. It would then revert to pre-ACA rules in which people with preexisting conditions could still get coverage in the group market. It’s unclear what would happen to people with preexisting conditions in the individual market after the two-year open-enrollment period.

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1 thought on “Rand Paul just introduced his Obamacare Replacement Act”

  1. At least Rand Paul is doing something.
    What is needed is going to be something that is better than Obamacare financially for everyone.
    When deductables on a plan go from 600 to 6 thousand there is a whole lot wrong with the current situation.
    The entire industry needs an overhaul.
    I suggest we get out of the business of demanding people have insurance period.
    Investigate the AMA and its involvement in Obamacare.
    I also suggest an investigation into the costs of prescriptions going through the roof.
    Something along the lines of Sherman Antitrust legislation concerning the drug industry might work.
    Overhaul liability of drug companies concerning vaccinations.
    Right now they have a free pass on liability.
    Effectively making them with a get out of jail free card if they are negligent.
    The time of the Federal Food and Drug Administration might just be over with.
    To many people in bed with the people they are supposed to be enforcing laws over.
    This has been going on for well over 60 years.
    There is a reason why your big three cash cows for drugs find no solutions to actually curing things.
    It is unprofitable to do so.
    So heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are on a plan. That plan makes billions for the drug industry. If we cured any one of these areas of disease then they would go bankrupt.
    The Federal agency over these things makes sure no cures are found and accepted.
    I suggest a billion dollar bounty reward for the first company to come up with a valid cure for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. But it better work!
    We need a system of medicine that makes it profitable to cure people. Not string them along for years with huge expensive programs that maintain but do not cure anything.
    There is something wrong with medicaid and medicare when they will pay a pension that is poverty level yet if someone is sent to a nursing home they will pay up to 7 grand a month for a nursing home to watch over them.
    All of the insurance industry and the government plans need a major overhaul.

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