Robert Highley: “A huge fiery explosion went off in the Pacific Northwest near the coast and then I saw California begin to flood”

In this hour, God is starting to bring forth prophetic voices that have been “hidden” for many years.  What I mean by “hidden” is the fact that they are not well known nationally.  For example, I am sure that very few of you have ever heard of Robert Highley.  But Meranda and I have had the opportunity to get to know him very well.  We have been to his home, we have eaten with him, and we have gotten to know his children.  He has known the Lord and been involved with ministry for many, many years, and yet the Lord has kept him “hidden” for a very long time.

But like so many others, he has been receiving extraordinary dreams and visions about the future of America, and Meranda and I feel such an urgency to get these warning messages out to the world.

In 2017, Robert shared with us an incredible open vision in which he saw that a massive California tsunami will follow “a huge fiery explosion” in the Pacific Northwest.

The following email exchange between Robert and us was pieced together by my wife

Sep 22, 2017

Hi Meranda/Michael,

Hope this message finds you well.

I had this vision last night, I wish I had written down all I had heard and seen but I was too disturbed by it.  As I reflected on it this morning I thought I should share what I remember from last night.  I was praying for family last night when I saw a vision and heard God’s voice.  “Do not pray any longer for these disasters to be withheld.”  A scroll was opened and the United States was written in black and then in blood red next to it was the word judgement written thickly in what appeared to be blood.  I saw the earth like a globe and then it panned to the West Coast of the United States.  A huge fiery explosion went off in the Pacific Northwest near the coast and then I saw California begin to flood.  The view panned high above the earth and I saw that the state of California was covered far inland by a giant Tsunami.

Has anyone else you know seen this?





I am sure that Meranda will jump in about the confirming prophecies.  Many others have definitely seen similar things.

I wanted to ask a couple questions about what you saw.

Did you get the impression that judgment was imminent?

And did you see this vision with your physical eyes and hear the voice with your physical ears?

The fiery explosion – was it a volcano?

I ask, because John Paul Jackson saw Mt. Rainier erupting at one point.

And the west coast tsunami came after the fiery explosion?

Also, did you see any earthquakes?

I know that this is a long list of questions, but the details are so important.

Michael Snyder


Hi Michael,

I did not have the sense to ask the timing of these events only that the vision interrupted my prayers for my family in California.

I don’t know what you mean by physical eyes and ears unless you mean transported out of body or bodily?  but I saw them as clearly as looking out a window.

My feeling about the explosion of fire was that it was a volcano but my view was too high above the earth to be sure.

This was the area that the fire came out of and surrounded:  I know it is a large area but it was so large of an explosion that is covered a huge area.

The west coast tsunami came after the explosion and went very far inland, it may have been the whole west coast, it was definitely all of California.

I did not see any earthquakes but my vantage point was too high to see if any earthquakes were happening but I understood that earthquakes were causing the flooding.

More from Robert:

I have now spent several hours this afternoon reading your site Meranda about visions and dreams the Lord has been showing his people.  Wow, just wow.

I have found several that mention the things I saw in the order I saw and many in a great more detail.

All I can say is that I now have all the confirmation I needed.


Yes, Jason’s drawing of the water on the coast matches what i saw of the coastline. Amazing, my visions are more like a flashlight compared to the detail some people receive, a floodlight!



As you can see from Meranda’s site, we have been collecting and studying these prophecies for years.  And if you would be willing to give Meranda permission, I think that it would be really good to get your new vision up on the site as well so that others can hear about it.

Everything that you have shared has been confirmed by others.  But one additional detail that your vision adds is that the west coast tsunami comes AFTER an explosion (volcano?) on the west coast.

To me, an eruption of Mt. Rainier would fit very well with the map that you sent me.  And I have personally been warning about that eruption for a very long time.  In fact, it is even in my novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End”.



Hi Meranda,
I did not perceive hardly a pause after the fiery explosion before the tsunami began to flood the west coast.  I forgot to mention that when the Lord told me not to pray any longer for the withholding of judgement, i saw a great wall that appeared like a wall of water holding back the calamity from the west coast which i perceived to be prayers from the saints.