Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: President Trump is “surrounded by wrong counselors, especially the Christian leaders”

Is President Trump making some “terrible mistakes” because he is taking the advice of the bad advisers that are surrounding him?  Our friend James Bailey took about six months off from his website to write his first book, but now he is back and earlier today he posted a message from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj that I think could be very important.  If you start watching at the 53 minute mark of this video, Brother Sadhu makes some extremely alarming remarks.  If you are not familiar with Trump’s global initiative to legalize homosexuality worldwide, you can read more about it right here.  According to Brother Sadhu, that one example of the terrible mistakes that President Trump has been making recently…

“Please pray for your president that he doesn’t make mistakes. He is making mistakes, terrible mistakes. And I have been grieving in my heart for the last six months like how Samuel grieved over Saul. This grief just wouldn’t go. It pained me very deeply for the mistakes he is making. And now he is openly supporting the gay (homosexual) people.

God has promised if this nation works right in his first term then another term will be added, another four years of grace will be added to the nation. This is a promise from God. We don’t need to please the gay (homosexual) community to win.

I was shown he has been surrounded by wrong counselors, especially the Christian leaders who are around him. They are giving him wrong counsel. This is what the Lord showed me. And they are around the president for their own selfish benefit. That is their motive for standing around him, to boast that they have direct access to the president and then get some favors. It is for their own selfish purpose and not for the good of this man. So by listening to wrong counsel, he is making wrong decisions.

There are no righteous people among them like Nathan the prophet who rebuked David. Nathan by the way was a very good bosom friend of David’s. The prophet and king worked together in perfect harmony. And yet when the Lord told him to rebuke, he rebuked. You should have those kinds of godly counselors around your president. So please pray that God will remove all those name seeking, face seeking, good for nothing ministers around the president. Kick them out and bring in good Godly counselors, Christian counselors who will surround him with prayers and will be bold to even correct him and give him right counsel to make right decisions and walk the right path.

I fear if America makes a mistake, the next president might be a woman. And you know when a woman comes, she will ride on the beast and that’s not good. I do not know why, but for the last few weeks, a few months I feel a terror of that happening. When that happens, then we cannot even pray, ‘God save America’. We cannot even pray that. Every form of ungodliness will be unleashed in the nation just like what Jezebel did to Israel.”