Rockets From Lebanon Join Hamas Bombardment Of Israel


Terrorists operating out of southern Lebanon looked to join the Hamas bombardment of the Jewish state early Friday morning by firing two Katyusha missiles at the northern Israel town of Metulla.

Military officials believe the rockets were fired by a small Palestinian group that identifies with Hamas, and that the attack does not, yet, represent a widening of the Gaza war by the Lebanese terrorist militia Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, two Israeli soldiers were wounded, one seriously, by mortar shells fired from Gaza on Thursday evening. Another three people suffered injuries, one in serious condition, when a missile from Gaza struck a gas station in the southern port city of Ashdod on Friday morning.

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1 thought on “Rockets From Lebanon Join Hamas Bombardment Of Israel”

  1. Is Israel going to move into Lebanon?
    If we fired missiles into Mexico or Mexico fired missiles into Texas what would happen?
    If I were a Jew in Israel, that would get old really quick.
    If a country is too weak to contain the criminal element, then they are in fact allowing that element to declare war against the people that they are intending to kill. That means they have to live with someone firing missiles against them.
    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. In this case, they are truly inviting a World War to happen on their soil.
    If I were the Israel military, I think I would go after them with everything I have available.
    Only I would not stop there. I would capture every Moslem within military grasp and put them through truth drugs to find out the entire truth of the situation. I would execute anyone that was guilty of any action against Israel.
    I would broadcast any results of said truth drugs to the world.

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