Saudia Arabia Warns Iran: Don’t Meddle In Iraq

Saudi Arabia - Photo by Keepscases

Saudi Arabia gave an apparent warning to arch enemy Iran on Wednesday by saying outside powers should not intervene in the conflict in neighboring Iraq.

Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal also said Iraq was facing a full-scale civil war with grave consequences for the wider region.

His remarks coincided with an Iranian warning that Tehran would not hesitate to defend Shi’ite Muslim holy sites in Iraq against “killers and terrorists”, following advances by Sunni militants there.

The toughening of rhetoric about Iraq by the Gulf’s two top powers suggested that Tehran and Riyadh have put on hold recent plans to explore a possible curbing of their rivalry across the region’s Sunni-Shi’ite sectarian divide.

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2 thoughts on “Saudia Arabia Warns Iran: Don’t Meddle In Iraq”

  1. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Let us go after the devils that are starting these wars. I think the Saudi’s sponsored civil war in Iraq is going to backfire on them. They are very good at starting conflicts in other’s back yards. But what happens when the rebels win and decide to eat the sponsors? If someone is willing to sponsor a civil war in another country why are they held faultless?
    As for the serious crimes of murdering anyone in their path, I think the entire middle east should be a little bit concerned that it might come to their back yard as well. Treatment of Prisoners of War is an important issue. Killing everything in your path in a scorched Earth policy will backfire big time on anyone stupid enough to take that road to war.
    Everyone that lives by the sword, will eventually die by the sword. Meaning that there are armed forces out there that are much better at it than you are and they are willing to copy your method of killing everyone in their path.
    This is not 1946. It is 2014. In the interval between those two times, engineers have come up with many multiple ways to kill a human being. Some of those weapons are described in Janeway.
    The truth is that most of the weapons described are antiquated.
    The trouble with religion is that our technology is advancing so swiftly that many of the ideas of the past have been proven to be not true.
    A bishop in history actually decided the Universe was only about 6,000 years old. He got this idea by adding up all the lifespans of everyone in the Bible. (Current theory based on observation, gives an equally inaccurate measure of approximately 13-16 billion years, with the entire solar sysem created somewhere around 4.5 billion years ago.)
    Another popular idea was the Flat Earth. In this idea, there were possibly 4 realms. Heaven, Earth, Hell, and a semi-hell for those that had punishment to work out. Heaven was the sky. Earth was a flat realm in which if you traveled far enough, you might fall off. Hell was beneath our feet and very hot in which souls fried in an unending life of pain.
    That concept still exists in both Christian and Moslem religions. We go to heaven under the right circumstances. Like being killed for the cause of your religion.
    In the modern day, this idea has evolved. Today, people believe heaven to be a separate universe. Hell also is a separate place. As is purgatory.
    The con is that if you do what they(the religious leaders) say, you will end up in paradise with many virtuous women at your command. This concept has been used throughout human history by many religions and many religious leaders. Notice: the religious leaders always stay behind to take care of the flock. (Does anyone else find this just a little bit suspicious?)
    The other point is that there appears to be a war between two higher beings. One is God, the creator of it all, and the other is the Devil(the father of all lies). Each is in a contest to win the souls of the human race.
    Either you are going up, or you are going down.
    Actual physics supports the multi-universes concept.
    It also supports a universe that is incredibly large in size. It is so large and with so many stars in it that numbers do not even give us a concept of just exactly how large it is and how many possible planets just like the Earth are likely to be out there.
    That is why the concept of forcing one’s beliefs on every one else is just not tenable at this point in the 21st century. But we are suffering. We are suffering because antique concepts that are proven false by science(which changes its mind daily) are being used to murder mass amounts of human beings in primitive areas of the world without a real education.
    There is endoctrination. That is the concept of brain washing a group of people to believe the way you believe and reinforce it with prayers to Mecca five times a day. If I were the devil, I would be patting myself on the back for coming up with this ruthless system that enables me to kill off vast numbers of people that do not believe exactly the same way I do.
    This pattern is not new. Other places and other cultures have tried it with devasting results for people all over the planet.
    The only system that I personally support that will work for people all over this planet is to Mind Your Own Business and not the Business of anyone else. That does not include murdering people that do not believe as you believe.
    There are weapons out there right now that can destroy every Human Being on this planet. We as a human species have to decide what it is going to be. Are we going to destroy everyone? Or are we going to outlaw that kind of belief system all over the planet and stop weapon production cold all over this planet. In a situation like this, there has to be limits or we are all in jeopardy of destroying our own nests all over this Earth.

  2. For the record, I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I believe that there is a God. By definition, that God is so infinite as to rule over all space and all time. There is a Holy Spirit. That means that it is not the end when people die. Even physics recognizes this in the basic law that nothing is ever created or destroyed, just changed. (Well they have it partially right anyway.)
    If there is a Holy Spirit, then by implication, there is a place where spirits go after we die. Our bodies disintegrate after we die. The body turns into dirt, dust if you will.
    That God that created this Universe is basically the operating system by which this universe works.
    That God is capable of changing anything, any where, any time, and is capable of doing anything with this universe that He wants.
    Jesus is a part of his Father. He rules here when his Father says he can come back. But that is up to his Father not him, and that must be very frustrating even for him.
    Other than recognizing Jesus Christ as my master in all things, I am ignorant of how it all really works until such time as my master should decide to enlighten me further. All of the rest is simply the vain attempt of mere humans to figure it all out. That will change every time we turn around. New things are discovered every day. So far it just gets bigger and more complicated than we ever really understood.
    There will come a time when the entity we know of as the Devil will be relieved of command of this world. I do not recognize that command. To me, Jesus was given command of this world 2,000 approximate years ago give or take. There is a reason why we are here. That reason determines where you will be after you die.
    Yet Jesus himself says that my Kingdom is not of this world. So there is a little mystery. How long must we suffer the Devil in this world? Only God knows the answer to that.

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