Singularity University’s Summit Europe: Microchip Implants Are As Easy As Piercings

RFID Microchip Implant

“I am bleeding just a little bit,” said Raymond McCauley. “Might I ask for a little assistance?” McCauley, chair of Singularity University’s biotechnology and bioinformatics track and a biohacker, had just implanted a microchip in his hand.

He was giving his talk at Singularity University’s Summit Europe on the $0.01 human genome, drag-and-drop genetic engineering, garage biohacking, cheese from genetically modified yeast—a whirlwind tour of future biotech.

But the real thrust of this particular talk? Cyborgs.

McCauley is aware that the idea of incorporating technology into our bodies may seem repellent or unnatural to some people. But, he said, many of us are already cyborgs. Vaccination, for example, is a kind of technological augmentation.

“We are now different than we would be as just baseline humanity,” he said.

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