Someone Coughed On One Of My Readers On Purpose, And Now She Is Very Sick

Are there people out there that are trying to spread the coronavirus on purpose?  We have heard stories of crazed individuals trying to do this in China, and I suppose it was inevitable that it would start happening in the U.S. too.

When people learn that they have been infected, most of them act responsibly, but there are going to be some that totally flip out and decide to start spreading the virus as much as they can.  It is an incredibly evil thing to do, but we live in an evil world.

With that being said, I would like to share with you three emails that I have received from one of my readers.  I have received permission to share these emails, and I am allowing her to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Please pray that she will recover very quickly, and please watch yourself while you are out in public so that the same thing does not happen to you.

Here are her emails…

Dear Mr. Snyder,

I’m a 58 year-old born again Christian and I have been reading your blog for some time and watching you on Christian television when you are on different programs.

A week ago today I went into a Fresh Thyme grocery store to try to pick up a couple of food items and when I walked out of the store and was walking across the parking lot to my car two young men, probably in their 20s, we’re several paces in front of me and one of them turned around and ran up to me and put his mouth in front of my nose and mouth, probably two inches from my face and coughed very hard and then laughed and turned and ran and then they both got in their vehicle and drove off. 

I never knew anybody would do something like that to me. I wish I had been warned. No one warns you to look out for people coughing in your face on purpose when you’re in public.

Thank you for all you do. I trust your blog.

Hi Michael,

That happened a week ago yesterday. A few days after that happened I had a terrible fever for several days and nights, soaking my clothes and sheets. It was not normal. I felt very odd, achy, headache and lethargic. It hurt to breathe. My face and eyes were swollen. I was born with a weak immune system. I had some Sambucol Black Elderberry Cold & Flu relief I had bought some time ago after hearing about it on a Christian station how the Lord gave a couple of men from Israel this homeopathic idea. And I remembered these doctors talking about how it will kill pretty much any virus. I’ve had asthma since I was little and different autoimmune things. And when I get sick with something it seems to hit me worse then most people. But once I started taking the Sambucol every 3 hours for a couple of days along with C, D and turmeric I feel much better. I was out of silver. And I keep standing on the word of God. And speaking God’s word over myself and praying. And I give all the glory to God. I am so grateful for your blog and how you faithfully warn us of things. Yes, please, share with others to be aware when they are out in public. I would never have imagined someone would intentionally do that to me for fun. Yes I am absolutely up for sharing the testimony. I’m much better, I was extremely ill for a while but it seems to have lost its grip now and I am believing it will be completely gone soon. Yes, please share, however you want to, if it can spare one person it will be a blessing.

And you know even after it happened I just kept picturing him in my face and it was so upsetting to me and bothered me. But everyday I just kept praying to the Lord and forgiving this person. And then I was praying to the Lord and I just said Lord I’m forgiving this person in faith, I forgive him and I prayed for his salvation and that last time I prayed about it and told the Lord I forgave him I felt it go. I wasn’t angry or upset about it anymore. And I’m grateful I’m feeling better.

Hi Michael, I forgot to mention I’m also taking olive leaf extract every day and elderberry zinc lozenges. I was trying to remember yesterday how many days before I started feeling so terrible, it was a few days. Then I began to feel terrible. I remembered a couple days later after getting sick about Sambucol. I think it must have helped me but you can only take it for 2 days at a time. And yesterday, Sunday was the first day I began to feel better. But today, I’m feeling worse. In the night last night, the pain got worse and I began to have chills again. And today I feel like a train hit me. I’m feeling terrible. I’m hoping and praying this passes quickly.