Something Has Shifted And Things Have Suddenly Become A Whole Lot More Serious

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I don’t do a lot of articles like this, but I want to share something with you that happened to me just recently. I debated about whether or not to share this, but since this story will be aired on national television in just a few days I decided to go ahead and do it. On Saturday, May 14th, my wife and I were enjoying a day of peace and rest when something very unusual happened. I am not sure exactly how to describe it. I have been describing it to some people as a “wave”, but I am not sure if that is entirely accurate. It was almost as if I could feel something shift in the spiritual realm, and with it came the sudden realization that things had suddenly become a whole lot more serious.

If you don’t believe in God, I am sure that what I am saying does not make a whole lot of sense. What I received that day was not in words, and so I have been attempting to translate into words what was deeply impressed upon me at that time.

It was kind of like a sudden soberness came over me. I knew that it was not a time for joking or laughing, and that something important was taking place.

That night when my wife and I were getting ready for bed, I told her what had happened. I explained to her that I felt that something had shifted and that now things had become much more serious. But neither of us had any idea precisely what that meant.

The very next morning, on Sunday, May 15th, we received an extremely startling phone call. It was my wife’s mother, and she told us that a member of our extended family had died on Saturday. This member of our extended family was only in his sixties and he was thought to be in very good health. For him to drop dead like that was totally unexpected.

This was immediate confirmation of what I had felt on Saturday. It is entirely possible that what I felt in the spiritual realm was directly connected to the death of our relative.

However, I believe that what I received was not just for our family. If it was only for our family, I would not be relating this story to you.

At the time when I received it, I had a very clear impression that things had also suddenly become much more serious on a global level as well. I don’t know exactly what this means, but I think that we will find out during the weeks and months to come.

In the Scriptures, sometimes God used events in the personal lives of His servants to point to larger spiritual truths. Ezekiel and Hosea are two good examples of this, but there are others. Perhaps God timed things in such a way that something that happened in the natural (the death of our relative) would confirm the broader message that He had given to me.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I am just trying to make sense out of a very intense personal experience.

And without a doubt, things have already started to become “very serious” in many areas around the globe. For example, just consider the crisis in Venezuela

It was around noon when a food truck rolled up… But, to the fury of the long line of people waiting out front, the cargo wasn’t unloaded. Instead soldiers took it away.

“We want food!” the crowd roared in protest, to no avail. Some tried to run after the truck.

Under the state of emergency imposed by President Nicolas Maduro, the military, along with government-organized civilian committees, ensures that food packets are delivered door-to-door in order to — as officials say — cut out black market operators.


“Here in Guarenas there were revolutionary supporters. But now the people no longer want revolution — what they want is food,” she said.

“The people are going hungry. We are tired of lining up, of killing ourselves for just a carton of eggs or some bread,” she said.

And of course we are seeing similar things take place all over that very troubled nation.

So far in 2016, there have been more than 100 major incidents of looting and more than 2,000 political protests in Venezuela. The following comes from the Guardian

The Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict registered 2,138 protests between January and April, most of them spontaneous manifestations of anger or frustration. Incidents of looting have nearly quadrupled in the same time.

We are like a bomb going tick-tock, tick-tock,” said Zenovia Villegas, a 54-year-old housewife who waited in line at a Guarenas supermarket since the early hours of Thursday only to be told at 3pm that the store would not be opening its doors that day. Dejected, she went home empty-handed.

Some people are already so desperate for food in some parts of Venezuela that they are hunting down cats and dogs and eating them.

I know that sounds quite graphic, but it is important to understand what takes place when an economy totally collapses because the exact same thing is coming to America.

Other Venezuelans have turned to barter to secure the things that they need

Thousands turn to social media to barter for goods. On Facebook, people offer to swap razors for cough syrup, toothpaste for sugar and oil for wet wipes.

Demand for antibiotics is voracious. In one post, someone offers seven boxes of amoxycillin – a form of penicillin.

Within minutes, he is inundated with requests.

This is why I have always encouraged people to stock up on barter items for the hard times that are coming. When you can’t rely on the stores any longer, people will be trading what they have for what they need, and you will want to have some things that you can barter with. For much more on the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, I would encourage you to check out this video that my wife and I just made…

We are moving into a time when the sorts of chaos and suffering that we are witnessing in Venezuela right now will start erupting all over the planet. In my new book, I address some of the things that are going to be happening in the United States, and hopefully people will heed my warnings.

The worst times that any of us have ever seen are right at the door, and yet apathy is everywhere.

There just seems to be such blind faith in the Federal Reserve, our politicians and the man residing in the White House.

Unfortunately, that blind faith is about to be absolutely shattered, and we are going to see things happen in this nation that are far worse than what we have seen take place in Venezuela or anywhere else so far.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

7 thoughts on “Something Has Shifted And Things Have Suddenly Become A Whole Lot More Serious”

  1. You are definitely not the only one, Michael.

    A fellow prayer warrior related similar to me, in stating that her and other mature believers she knew were recently sensing something significant going on in the spirit realm.

    Do you know who David Yoder is? He is the husband of Dr. Rebecca Brown, and recently shared a prophecy on Brown’s FaceBook page which depicted a spiritual battlefield where Satan’s demons were battling against God’s saints (sadly, most of the saints were getting torn to shreds). At the very end of this prophecy, Yoder testifies that God said that “…THE LAST GREAT BATTLE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN”.

    The Church needs to get ready — and get serious.

    • The church is worthless. Check your own spirituality. You don’t need a church to be good with god and spiritual. In fact, in modern times, I would contend the opposite.

      • While I largely agree with you that, sadly, most modern-day churches (especially in the West) are indeed worthless, I do define “the Church” as the collective number of true born-again individuals within in the body of Christ.

        There are, however, still a remnant of churches out there that haven’t compromised with the world, and that do teach and live by the Bible.

  2. Isaiah 57:1-2Tree of Life Version (TLV)

    Remove Every Stumbling Block

    57 The righteous one perishes,

    but no one takes it to heart.

    Godly men are taken away,

    but no one discerns

    that the righteous man is taken from evil.

    2 He enters into shalom.

    They rest on their beds,

    each who walked in his integrity.

  3. Michael
    i will throw my two cents in with everyone else. I did
    feel an evil spiritual shift this last weekend. The spirit of antichrist
    is here and so is the antichrist. The world is waiting for a ‘savior’
    and they will get him…for a while. I think the USA is on it’s last leg
    and God’s judgment is here or nearly here. I bought another 3 months of
    survival food and a big berkey water filter also. Being prepared isn’t
    ‘not trusting in God’ it’s being prudent and wise. The persecution of
    our brothers and sisters around the world has increased and it is
    shifting to the west. This ALL has to happen because God tells us it
    will. I don’t like it and neither do my friends and church members BUT I
    know that God will either protect me and provide for me, OR take me
    into glory as a martyr like others have gone before me. He is in charge
    of my life and He directs my steps…where ever they will go. I am ready
    and I continue warning those who don’t want to hear it. I am not a
    popular person now but i am not in a popularity contest.
    We are
    living in the last of the last days and i believe this year (or maybe
    early next year) you and I will meet face to face with Jesus and each

    Thank you for warning others on a large scale and I pray it will get even bigger in the days to come.


  4. I have had the opposite experience. My daughter was diagnosed with pituitary failure at age 17, and I prayed like I’ve never prayed before, and she is now cured. This has NEVER been reported in the medical literature, and I am a physician. I personally spoke with endocrinologists at Mayo, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Emory, John Hopkins. None could help me with my daughter, but prayer did. I was also given a message by God, not once, not twice but three times that I was supposed to get involved in music. It makes absolutely no sense at all, but my kids have formed a rock band that is getting a lot of attention locally, and I can only assume he has plans for them. I KNOW I am supposed to be doing music (I took up guitar and drum lessons after the third time he instructed me to be involved in music). Recently, RIGHT before my daughter was cured, and on a day that was TERRIBLE for her requiring hospitalization, I received a message from him that everything would be fine, and things had changed for the better for my daughter. Logically it made no sense at all, but I KNEW something had changed, and it did. Maybe I am being hopeful because the logical physician side of me tells me that the world is circling the drain on about a dozen different fronts, but something is telling me things will be fine. I have speculated that perhaps my kids’ music will somehow deliver a message or be unifying force or perhaps be something for people to listen to after a major collapse during the rebuilding phase. Who knows. I welcome comments and questions.

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