Temple Mount crisis fuels unrest in volatile Jerusalem

Temple Mount - Public Domain

Swirling winds and heavy downpours probably did more than the massive Israeli police presence to dampen Palestinian protests in Jerusalem over the weekend.

Dire predictions that a third intifada was about to erupt after the brief closure of the Temple Mount — known to Arabs as the Noble Sanctuary — came to nothing. But the weather could not sweep away the toxic atmosphere in the city.

Tension in Jerusalem is perhaps at its greatest since the end of the second intifada, or Palestinian uprising, ten years ago — stoked by a rash of what some call hate crimes and others acts of terror. Regular — almost daily — outbreaks of stone-throwing by Palestinian teenagers are answered by tear gas and rubber bullets; hundreds of minors have already had their first taste of jail.

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  1. All the fighting for nothing as what is known as the Temple Mount is not the location of Solomons or Herods Temple but the location of the Aponia Fortress the home of the 10th Roman Legion. The Bible says The Temple was located over The Gihon Springs in the City of David which is about 600 yards South of the what is called The Temple Mount. Get the book “Temple” by Robert Cornuke. All Biblically referenced.

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