“Thank God We Got Out Of California When We Did! There Is Nothing Left Of It!”

For decades, the Lord has been showing men and women of God all over the world that someday a great earthquake will literally change the geography of the state of California, and the death and destruction will be off the charts.

Of course many people out there seem to believe that this will never happen, but the warnings just keep coming.  For example, the following is a dream that Sean Harper sent to me recently…

I found myself in my car driving through Montana. My friends who lived in California at the time spoke to me, “Thank God we got out of California when we did! There is nothing left of it!” At this I sat confused. I asked, “what happened!?” They responded, “A great Earthquake shook the state to the ground! How do you not know?”

The third person in the car said, “I’m glad my father told me prepare, but now I have nothing to eat because I did not prepare enough!”

I looked at her in bewilderment. I stated, “We can go to the store and buy more food if you need?” She said, “Look around you, our fields do not have any produce and the stores have nothing left in them!” As I looked across the farmland we were driving through, a glistening frost covered all the crops and fields. I looked and saw leaves falling from the trees as we were driving. I knew it was the Fall season. There was a barren setting to what I beheld.

Immediately we were at a little house in the prairie where one of my friends lived. We went inside to gather some of her belongings. When we went in, there was a great feast prepared for us but it was nothing but junk food. My best friend, who loves junk food, looked at it and said, “Do you have any fresh food. My stomach has turned sour from all the food in front of me!”

At this the parents of my friend became angry. They said, “Eat was is before you, it’s all we have left!”

None of us ate the meal, we left immediately because the parents became angry. We got into my car and were immediately in the local mall of my hometown. We were in a Christian coffee shop that was changing the shop into a church. The gal working was a believer that attends my church. She said, “Please, Please help me get ready! Flocks of people will come here tomorrow. Please hurry! Do not delay!” The woman asked me to hang decorations.

As I hung decorations, I noticed they all had Fall colors or Fall oriented themes.

I awoke.

End of Dream.