The real reason Donald Trump is so popular: He’s the surrogate mouthpiece for the things most Americans deeply believe (but are too afraid to say)

Donald Trump At Podium - Photo by Michael Vadon

When Donald Trump announces that politicians are stupid, the media is lying and the government is incompetent, he’s speaking for all Americans who have noticed precisely the same thing. Secretly, the American people know Trump is telling the truth, even if they wouldn’t dare acknowledge that in their social group or in a media interview.

To maintain social conformity, people have to publicly say ridiculous things like, “The government cares about people.” But privately, they know that’s complete nonsense.

And here’s why this matters: Voting is anonymous. It’s private. Nobody knows how you voted in an election unless you tell them.

1 thought on “The real reason Donald Trump is so popular: He’s the surrogate mouthpiece for the things most Americans deeply believe (but are too afraid to say)”

  1. The problem is we have lost the Freedom of the Press to business interests.
    It does not matter which media that Freedom occurs in.
    Businesses including the Media do not believe in Freedom of the press. They express this by fining people who do express their views.
    Or they fire them.
    Economic oppression is just as deadly as any other.
    So less than 6% of the population owns all the communication media out there.
    It is no wonder that people cannot express their opinions. Especially if it is not politically correct.
    AT least Pravda is openly government.
    Right now it is convenient for them to express a different view than the western media. Otherwise it would never see the light of day.
    Trump is conveniently expressing a view that is not politically correct. He has the money to back up his words.
    Building a wall between us and Mexico is ridiculous.
    No wall can keep people out. All you have to do is walk around the wall, or swim around the wall in the Gulf of Mexico. Or run a ship around the wall.
    The French learned this the hard way. In World War II, it took the German Army little time to walk around the wall.
    It is a piece of expensive hardware. Someone has to profit from building it.
    The only way to keep them out is to make it financially impossible for them to live here.
    That means taking out their employers. The employers are likely rich.
    Last time I checked it was illegal to hire theses people. It is against any number of laws including IRS laws making it a federal offence to hire someone without reporting to IRS on revenue.
    That makes the people hiring them a felon.
    Anyone between the ages of 18 and 26 has to register for the draft. That is any male. Which is discriminatory. The Selective Service act is unconstitutional for that reason alone. But anyone residing in this country between those ages of 18-26 that does not register regardless of origin is a felon.
    Trump considers whistle blowers traitors. I disagree. I think they well may be uncovering dirt covered up by it being “classified”. If it is illegal it shouldn’t have that classification anyway. So who really is the criminal here? The person that exposes it or the person that covers it up by legally classifying it?
    Trump has one really big weakness as a candidate. He does not research what he says well enough and that leads to ridiculous statements that make very little sense to anyone with a brain in their head.
    Unfortunately, people with intelligence are becoming rare.

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