Donald Trump: ‘Incompetent’ Obama and Kerry Sold Out Israel with Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump - Photo by Michael Vadon

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had some harsh words for US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry in their treatment of Israel.

Speaking to reporters in Iowa on Saturday, Trump accused the president of selling out Israel by negotiating with Iran. “Israel was sold out by Kerry and Obama,” he stated.

The presidential hopeful advocated for a tougher stance with the Islamic Republic and its nuclear aspirations. “You cannot let Iran have a nuclear weapon. You can’t have it. When they march down the street saying, ‘Death to Israel, death to the United [States],’ you can’t let it happen,” Trump stated.

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1 thought on “Donald Trump: ‘Incompetent’ Obama and Kerry Sold Out Israel with Nuclear Deal”

  1. Mr. Trump does it again. He is blundering into a china shop like a bull elephant with similar results.
    His words sound like truth. That is the attraction.
    I visualize a closed room with many nations represented inside that room. Someone just negotiated peace in that room. How? They gave the Iran section a 45 automatic to do with as they please. Now tell me how this promotes “Peace in our time” for us or for Israel.
    What everyone fails to see is there are other 45 automatics in the room. Only those weapons have ammunition. In time, so will the Iran 45 have ammunition and then look out.
    Iran is a country with a religious belief system built into the government of the country.
    The five prayer a day belief system is that they pray to Mecca 5 times a day. This is a form of trance. It is a form where the people are at the mercy of the belief system and anyone that disagrees with that system is likely to be brought to “justice” and killed in a very painful way. Also likely is beheading. At least that is what we are led to believe by many incidences within the country itself.
    They are not alone in this method of behaviorism. Many other religions have followed a similar path including portions of Christianity.
    The only way to survival in that room is to keep your head lower than everyone else’s head and hope that no one decides you are a good target for the 45s. Because when the guns go off, survival is by being the meekest person in the room with the lowest level of potential threat. Even so bullets bounce off walls and hit unintended targets. Especially if they hit metal.
    Well we are one of two targets that are likely to be shot at first. And that is why what Trump wants to do will not work. He will make us the number one target of this group. Also Israel is not far behind us as a target.
    Understand that logic has no place in that room. They are just as much a victim of their religion as anyone else is.
    Only when the people in charge of the Iranian group figure out that NO ONE WINS shooting in a closed room will it ever change.
    The only real solution is to get rid of the guns period. Rules have to be set up that isolate fanatic belief systems in such a way that no one minds anyone else’s business. But that is unlikely to happen.
    All religions have one weakness. They were set up in the time when the majority of people held a false belief in what the Universe they are in consisted of. The ones that are flexible enough to change are likely to survive. Those that will not change will eventually be seen as bad news for everyone.
    The weapons solution to problems is really a mental sickness. In a very closed room, which is the Earth in the present day, no one is isolated. The distances involved that solved the problem by isolation no longer exist.
    Any belief system exposed to all the rest has to change to accommodate each other. Including Muslim beliefs about the world around them.
    These people do not see that.
    The nuclear weapons are obsolete. We (the human species) have far greater weapons capable of wiping out cities without radiation. We have had these weapons since the advent of space travel.
    The reason is that everyone thinks everyone else is likely to use these weapons of mass destruction against their neighbors. MY thought is the only way we can survive is to get over our selves and start solving world problems instead.
    One problem is organizing the work force of the world to resolve these problems.
    We have to bring the four horsemen of ultimate disaster down.
    That means we can not longer entertain war as a solution.
    Nor any of the other horsemen of disaster. Poverty, famine, disease, etc.

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