The Shortages Are Global, And We Are Being Warned That They Will Intensify

The global economy was supposed to be getting back to “normal” by now, but instead more problems are erupting with each passing day.  As I write this article, supply chains all over the planet are in a state of chaos.  The worldwide computer chip shortage is making things very difficult for thousands upon thousands of manufacturers, the process of moving products across our oceans has become insanely expensive and is often plagued by horrendous delays, and a lack of truck drivers is causing enormous headaches when it comes to transporting goods to retailers and consumers in a timely manner.  We have never seen anything like this before, and at this point even CNN is admitting that “the disruption to global supply chains is getting worse”

The vast network of ports, container vessels and trucking companies that moves goods around the world is badly tangled, and the cost of shipping is skyrocketing. That’s troubling news for retailers and holiday shoppers.

More than 18 months into the pandemic, the disruption to global supply chains is getting worse, spurring shortages of consumer products and making it more expensive for companies to ship goods where they’re needed.

Earlier this year, some of the economic optimists were projecting that we would experience a tremendous “economic boom” during the second half of 2021.

But now we are facing empty shelves, shortages and major headaches in the months ahead.

One shipping executive that was interviewed by CNN says that things won’t get any better until “the first quarter of 2022 at the earliest”

Shipping companies expect the global crunch to continue. That’s massively increasing the cost of moving cargo and could add to the upward pressure on consumer prices.

“We currently expect the market situation only to ease in the first quarter of 2022 at the earliest,” Hapag-Lloyd chief executive Rolf Habben Jansen said in a recent statement.

Here in the U.S., quite a few experts are now making very bleak predictions about the upcoming holiday season.

But we are definitely not alone.  Over in the UK, it is being reported that the “worst supply-chain crisis since the 1970s” could potentially “ruin Christmas”.

One of the big problems that the British are facing is an unprecedented shortage of truck drivers and warehouse workers.  Business leaders are begging for more EU workers to be allowed into the country, because they believe that will help to alleviate the crisis.

Empty shelves and shortages are now a daily reality in the UK, and some large fast food chains are now being forced to completely drop certain items from their menus

Gaps on supermarket shelves have been spotted across the country due to a combination of factors, including lorry driver shortages and Covid.

Supplier issues have also led to shortages at fast food chains like McDonald’s, Nandos and KFC, with some items missing from menus and branches closed.

Greggs is the latest to say that it’s short on food faves and Costa Coffee has reduced its menu due to the supply chain chaos.

Could you imagine going into a McDonald’s and not being able to order a milkshake?

Sadly, that has now become a reality at every single location in the United Kingdom…

McDonald’s says it has pulled milkshakes from the menu in all 1,250 of its British restaurants because of supply problems stemming from a shortage of truck drivers.

The fast-food chain says it is also experiencing shortages of bottled drinks.

Here in the United States, we are dealing with similar issues.

At this point, it is being reported that finding new truck drivers to hire in this country is “next to impossible”

Finding truck drivers is “next to impossible,” he said, while freight costs are rising daily. The company’s orders are arriving late and consequently facing delays in being sent to customers. On the outbound side, on-time deliveries are still above 50% but have fallen from the usual rate of more than 90%.

“We all thought it would be over by now. It’s just one thing after another,” he said. “This is going to be the norm for a while.”

For decades, we have been taking our truck drivers for granted.  We pay them poorly, we treat them like dirt, and we make them work ridiculously long hours.

But without truck drivers, our country simply cannot function.

These days, most young people don’t want jobs that require a lot of hard, physical work and that don’t pay very well.  Instead, they would rather make money producing Tik Tok videos or becoming Instagram influencers.

Traditionally, truck drivers have been strong, physical men with traditional values.  Of course our society likes to demonize such individuals these days, but maybe this crisis will get everyone to understand that we actually need them.

Even if we had enough truck drivers, we would still be facing a wide range of shortages because of the global shortage of computer chips

A global shortage of computer chips is causing major headaches for American manufacturers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the disruption of supply chains and manufacturing the world over. Manufacturers of computer chips in Asia have been especially hard hit. And that means companies that make products that rely on such chips are feeling the pinch.

As I have warned previously, the computer chip shortage is causing massive headaches for thousands of other industries.

We should have never become so dependent on chip production from Asia, and now we are paying a great price.

Yesterday, I discussed the fact that Kamala Harris is warning parents to buy their Christmas presents now because of the severe shortages that are looming on the horizon.

On Fox News, contributor Leo Terrell said that this “sounds like a very dangerous warning sign”

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell expressed concern on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that Democrats are aiming to shut down the U.S. economy again after Vice President Kamala Harris advised shoppers to consider buying Christmas presents now due to global supply chain issues.

LEO TERRELL: That scares me because that sounds like shutdown, that sounds like we’re going to expect that the economy is going to basically be locked down again. And that’s frightening. Again, the Democrats have used the pandemic to control Americans. And basically that sounds like a very dangerous warning sign.

Yes, I would definitely categorize her statement as a “warning sign”.

This is not going to be a “normal” holiday season.

And 2022 will definitely not be “normal” either.

We have moved into crazy times, and they are only going to get crazier.

A lot of people didn’t want to listen to warnings from people like me at first, but now seeing empty shelves and shortages is starting to wake some of them up.

Our economic infrastructure is being shaken, and many are starting to realize that the “invincible” U.S. economy is not actually so invincible after all.

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7 thoughts on “The Shortages Are Global, And We Are Being Warned That They Will Intensify”

  1. The Global Logistics system is the very definition of a “Complex System”. ‘Complex’ as here used doesn’t refer to having a lot of interactive mechanistic parts…instead it is a euphanism for Chaos, as in Chaos Theory.
    Roughly back around 2013, a unique individual whose last name was Koslowski authored a paper titled, “Tradeoff.pdf” which in my humble opinion is a seminal piece relating the JIT (Just in Time) Logistics system to the Financial Services sphere (the Payment mechanism sector).
    Koslowski began his career as an Engineer in what is arguably the toughest segment of all Engineering, “Complex Systems” engineering. That field – daily – deals with physical problems which are by thier nature highly non-linear…and are a truly awesome task to analyze.
    At some point thereafter Koslowski – actually – decided to get a degree in Economics (go figure, eh?) and brought all the skills he had honed in his previous discipline with him.
    Tradeoff.pdf can still be accessed online via simple Google search…but be warned, it’s 77 pages long and a formidable read. In a nutshell, he analyzed the results of an effective desynchronization of the interlink between Finance and Logistics. Whether that occurred locally, regionally, nationally OR Globally the results within those domains was scale independent; for the affected domain, in 7-10 days after the disruption began, things rapidly (exponentially) worsened until in the author’s words, “Irreparable Harm” occured in the economies involved.
    I read, re-read…and re-read AGAIN the piece in it’s entirety and once I fully understood his specific use of nomenclature, finally concluded that his analysis was impeccable and unflawed.
    Suffice it to say that here and now we are slowly beginning to see the very effects he so thoroughly detailed in his paper. Even if by some miracle EVERYTHING on Earth was rolled back to mid-2019 before COVID struck, the DAMAGE is already done and bit by bit the SYSTEM – daily – approaches collapse incrementally closer with every passing day. Through history the are numerous examples of Civilizations reaching the point of Singularity….but only individual Nations or Regions were so afflicted, NOT the entirety of ALL human endeavor on Earth. The weft and woof of commerce today is fully, utterly Global in character…and no part will be spared if current trends continue for even another month or two – in my humble estimation, small businesses are already decimated, governmental agencies are increasingly ‘captured’ by Big Business interest and Global meteorological patterns disrupted in ways we’ve never recorded before, thus compounding ALL the current difficulties aforementioned.
    I can no longer even entertain the notion that everything we’re currently witnessing has ANYTHING remotely resembling the ‘Happy Ending’ which idiot Hollywierd is so exquisitely fond of.
    Good Luck to all…”Be Ready or be Dead” sums it up as closely as I can describe.


    • Very interesting comment, JOG, thank you very much.
      The global dimension of the present collapse is to be linked with the industrial devastation described in Daniel 9.23 ( “As for the fourth beast, there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all the kingdoms, and it shall devour the whole earth, and trample it down, and break it to pieces”). See also verse 11 (“the beast was killed, and its body destroyed and given over to be burned with fire”).
      According to the gematria (study of the values of Hebrew letters) and numbers found in Daniel (and other prophets), something big indeed happened at the end of 2019. I’m so glad to see that your analysis match the Scriptures… Thanks again

      • De Nada mi Amigo,

        I’ve had the passage, “…and through PEACE shall destroy many.” rattling around in my head for a very long time. Consider the East India Trading Company of the 17th and 18th centuries which stands to this day as the original, immaculate example of what unlimited, UNBRIDLED Capitalism (or rather Mercantisism) logical endpoint looks like; it looks just like we see in everything around us today.
        The rapacious character of the Giga-Wealthy and thier insatiable lust for MOAR is a bottomless pit, with a fraction of a per cent of all Humanity now either owning outright or controlling every asset of note in existence.
        A notable anecdote comes from – surprisingly – Andrew Carnegie, who had a plaque on his desk which read, “The Man who dies Wealthy dies DISGRACED.” In that light I regard him as the single human who ever rose to the absolute height of Wealth and remained uncorrupted by his station. Remember, Carnegie paid for the ENTIRE US Library system at it’s inception. Surely the Bezos’s, the Gates’s, et al will never rise to Mr Carnegie’s ethical level…a pity that there are no Great Men in these days…and a Shame upon all Humanity as well.


    • This is why we need to end the idea of globalism and go back to regional and local supply chains, regional and national industries, and more self sustainability on the part of Americans. Globalist corporations, globalist/progressive ideology, and big over-reaching governments are responsible for the mess that the world is in today. We need to use more stringent anti-trust laws to break up multi-national corporations. We need to produce the majority of the goods that we use right here in America. We need to limit big government and give states back their Constitutional rights. And, we need to encourage and incentivise small businesses and local producers, while discouraging mergers and acquisitions by muti-national corporations.

      • Game, Set and Match Brother, Kudos therefore.

        A massive component if the endemic Corruption which captured very nearly every Nation on Earth stems from the very existence of “Transnational Coporations”. Under that rubric such entities are – effectively – outside the reach of all Law and all Regulation. How many American companies have (recently) moved thier corporate headquarters to places like Ireland? The number would shock you.
        The message sent thereby is “Go ahead, scream with us and we’ll just relocate to ANITHER place outside of your REACH.” No, every corporate entity needs to be permanently registered in a single locality and be forever prevented from doing as we have been witnessing these last few years.
        However, with Mergers being what they are it’s child’s play to continue this locational shell game, isn’t it?


  2. Yes, this is the Bible Tribulation for slow and painful collapse of capitalism. All people are acknowledged of imminent collapse, and cannot punish Rothschild and the Great Reset criminals, except with position of reincarnation fraud of Nokodemion. In America, the Biden administration of clones has a serious legal basis for prosecution for reincarnation fraud. Donald Biden is recognized as reincarnation of Nazi General Patton, who died in 1945 by accident, and was reincarnated in 1946 to continue working for the Plejaren.

    The most important reincarnation of Nokodemion is Peter Pry, with clones Alwaleed bin Talal, David Rockefeller and George Soros. Nokodemion’s undestined love had clones Nancy Pelosi, Tulsi Gabbard, Meghan Markle, Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo and Nephthys. Reincarnation fraud and genetic engineering is a much easier case for prosecution of premeditated mass murders with Great Reset.

    In Washington, the “white hats” of Earth Alliance and Donald Trump are preparing for bombing of 34 landmarks that will crash the stock markets. Kamala Harris and the Biden administration should notify the American public that Second Jesus (Muhammad) is cancelled. The world has a total anarchy without prophet for religion, finance and thus only the military can establish illusion of order with Donald Trump. The military order is unsustainable improvisation from the “Nokodemion” story, which is resolved. Donald Trump and Earth Alliance are acknowledged that Earth is uninhabitable and should request territories from Plejaren.

  3. The shortage of drivers is self inflicted , if a driver delivers to somewhere where someone is infected the NHS app orders to self isolate for 2 weeks . Game set and match !

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