“There was a shadow being with red glowing eyes standing there looking in”

Michael Rutledge recently sent me two dreams that his daughter Elizabeth recently had.  I have read these dreams over, and to me it seems like they could be pertaining either to her personal life or the life of her local church.  If you are gifted in dream interpretation and you feel like you have some insight into this dream, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Here are the dreams…


During the last two weeks of September 2019 I had a dream. It disturbed me so much that when I woke up, I could not go back to sleep for 2-4 hours afterward.

To give you a little background, the town I go to church in is a small, sleepy, laid back town. In many ways, it could be said to be the typical Deep South small town that dwindled after the big lumbering era of my state. We do have trouble with poverty and drugs, but that provides an even bigger opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in His time. The church I attend is less than 100 people, although the building looks like it could hold 200-300 people or more. At one time, it was one of the larger churches in my small town. It really dwindled after my pastor took a major stand on one of the “sacred golden calves” that have plagued this part of my state for at least 300 years, or maybe longer. Because he stood with God’s Word on this particular issue, there was a church split. Many members involved with this particular sin swore that they would take all their family and friends with them, and they would take the church back over after the church had died and closed its doors. Many of them have died while waiting to fulfill that vow. (See, God does have a sense of humor!) God has kept my church alive, in spite of all the trials and tribulation thrown at it. He has made us a sign and a wonder to the community (“I wonder how that little bitty church with hardly any money can even stay alive and do what it does?”). God has even used us to help our town and our two county area in all the natural disasters that have been coming to our area in the past decade. (We’ve had at least 3 hurricanes, 2 major rain and flooding events, and 2 tropical storms that have brought unprecedented flooding with it.)

I could keep writing for hours and telling all the stories about how God has used us, but I need to get back to the dream I had. I have written it as follows.


I was in the small town of K******, about a 7 mile drive from my home in the countryside. I was in the east parking lot of my church, ***, which runs along the side of the main church building and the fellowship hall. On the other side is a street in one of the residential areas of town. It was dark and I could see no stars in the sky, as far as I can remember. There were no cars in the parking lot. (I did not even have one that I could have driven to the church.) There was no traffic at all in the town, which was really bizarre. It was bizarre because a major highway runs through the middle of the town, and there is at least an 18-wheeler driving through at night. I also remember that there were no lights on in any of the houses at all. It looked like there was no one in K****** at all. I looked to the east and I could see sheet lightening. The church building was completely dark and closed up. Not even the normal vapor lights and porch lights were on, like they normally are. I went to one of the entrances on the east side of the building, the one that leads into the auditorium. I remember thinking, “The door is probably locked, but I need to get inside before that storm hits.” I tried the door handle, but it was locked. I started panicking and kept fumbling with door handle. I knew that I did not have enough time to walk the 7 miles between the church and my house before the storm hit. I somehow also knew that I did not want to get caught out in the storm. I was trying to think of where I could seek shelter, but drawing a blank at each mental suggestion. The church was my best choice, and it was locked. Suddenly the door opened. I walked into the auditorium of ***, and it was lit up as if all the members were meeting. I saw my pastor and his wife standing there to the side of the door. They were the only ones there in the building. As I walked in, I told them how happy and relieved I was that they were there to open the door and let me inside. They shut the door behind me as soon as I was inside the building. At that moment, I heard the wind hit the building. The roar of the wind sounded like a jet plane when it takes off, and the intensity of the wind did not let up at all. It was constantly howling like a major hurricane making landfall. I could hear the rain, and it sounded like a constant torrent. I could NOT hear the thunder because the howling wind and rain. Suddenly, I was at the back of the auditorium with my father and my mother. My pastor and his wife were no longer there. Father, Mother, and I were talking about the storm and decided to shelter at the church until it had passed over. Then we would drive home and check on my sister, our house, and our animals. The lights then started to blink on and off. We decided to sit down so we would not be tripping and falling in the dark. I noticed at this point that the church auditorium was 3-10 times bigger than it was before. Father sat down on the fourth row from the back. Mother sat down on his left side and laid her head on his chest and Father put his arm around her. I sat on Father’s right side, but before I could snuggle in with him like Mother had, the lights went out. (I remember that when I was a little girl, I would snuggle with Father or Mother if something scary was going on. In this dream, I think that was what I was going back to.) All of us were scared. The lights came back on, but it was like a brown out. I could see the wiring on the front wall inside of the auditorium, behind the platform. It was like I was either seeing through the wall, or the electrical wiring was lit up so much that I could see it through the wall. The electrical wiring looked like arteries in the body, branching out from the main line. I could see pulses of light moving from the bottom of the wiring to the top. It kind of reminded me of what it might look like to see bubbles in a clear water pipe, only in electricity. It was like the storm was taxing the building, it was so intense. I remember thinking, “The generators must be having a hard time keeping the building lit up.”

I woke up briefly, turned over, and went back to sleep. I had another part of the dream, but I’m not sure if it was my conscious mind trying to justify the dream, or if it was a continuation. Here is the rest of it.


I was in the fellowship hall of ***. It was still dark outside, and the storm was still howling. I had managed to lock the double doors that led to the breezeway between the two buildings. When someone enters the building, there is a vestibule that leads to the main fellowship hall. The men’s and women’s restrooms are to the left and right, respectively. The next two doors on the right lead to the kitchen. I was sitting just inside the first door to the kitchen, cowering against the wall between the kitchen and the women’s restroom. I was outside of my body, and was able to see out of the windows on the double doors. There was a shadow being with red glowing eyes standing there looking in. It kind of look human shaped, but not exactly human shaped. I sensed it was an evil and dangerous dark entity. It was not of this world. I sensed it was looking for anyone it could take, and I believe it would have come side of the building and got me if it could have. I also sensed that there were more shadow beings than this one. They had come with the storm, and they were looking for people caught out in the storm. They might even have been looking for anything alive in the storm. I somehow knew that you did NOT want to be caught by them.

I have not been given a clear interpretation to this dream. If anyone has an interpretation from the LORD God, please feel free to share it with me.