This Icelandic Craft Beer Is Made From A Giant Whale Testicle Smoked In Sheep’s Dung

(T+L) Reminiscent of the Dark Ages, it seems only fitting that the region’s local brewery is making a genuinely medieval beer. Stedji Brewery is producing a seasonal beer called Havalur, made with whale testicle that’s been smoked in sheep’s dung.

I tried it on a private group tour, available upon request, at this family-owned brewery that has been creating all-natural, sugar-free beer since 2012 in the tiny town of Borgarfjordur. When I walked into the wooden tasting room, I was hit with a whiff of hops and smoked meat. I was nervous and hesitant to try it, but it was exactly how they said it would taste: like a porter with hints of caramel and a smoky, almost meaty aftertaste. I washed it down with a homemade hotdog, made sans whale testicle.