This Is What Christine Nicholson Saw During Her Visit To Heaven

(Guest article by Christian Nicholson) Greetings, peace and blessing to each and everyone of you, readers of my story today! Dear friends, my name is Christine, originally from China, but now a citizen of New Zealand for the last 22 years. With my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Michael Snyder, I would like to acknowledge him first for his pure love for God by inviting me to share my heaven visit experience with all of you. Whether you are a believer of Jesus or not, one thing is certain and it is assured to all of us to have, that is: In this world we will have tribulation, but in Lord Jesus, we will have peace. It is my hope that this amazingly profound experience will also touch your heart and soul deeply, just like the way it did to me. May God’s love become the source of your strength, so that you will be able to overcome the world and be filled with hope and joy always and live an abundant life on earth in a meaningful and fulfilling way, drawing close to God, doing His will and glorifying His Holy name, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Heaven visit background story.

15 years ago when I was 30 years old, not long after repenting my sins and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I wanted to see God for real. I wasn’t satisfied with knowing Him through His words on Bible pages only,God spoke to me once when I was a little child, now I wanted to hear Him speaking to me again. I thought if all the prophets in ancient times got the chance of see God and God is real, then it makes sense that He would speak to me again. So, one day, on 2 November 2007, when I was waiting in my car for my five year old daughter to finish school, I said a prayer to God while looking up toward the sky through my windscreen. I sincerely said to Him:” LORD, I want to see you and know you for real, please reveal yourself to me!” After saying this prayer I decided to walk up to the picnic table beside my daughter’s classroom and wait there. The picnic table sat underneath a big tree. I opened my Bible and continued to meditate on <> The Parable of The Sower, because I was still deciding on what kind of seed I would want to become. Do I want to be a seed that dies and produces nothing, or do I want to be the seed that falls on fertile soil and produces abundant fruits for God’s Kingdom? As I was pondering these questions, suddenly a seed dropped on my Bible, and it felt exactly on the paragraph I was meditating on. I was shocked and I thought to myself:” Is this a seed or something?” It looked as small as a grain of rice, and when I looked up the tree, there was a sparrow hopping on the tree branch right above the picnic table. I instantly suspected that it must be the sparrow that dropped the seed down on my Bible. Out of shock and curiosity I picked up the seed by hand and examined it closely to my eyes. Surprisingly It did turn out to be a seed of some sort of tree. At this moment my mind went straight into a spin. I was trying to figure out the connection between this seed, the tree, the Bible verses, wondering if God was trying to tell me something or to test me.

So, I said to the LORD:” LORD, what do you want me to do with the seed?” As I looked at this seed in my hand again, and looked back down on the parable of the sower in my Bible, it suddenly dawned on me that God must be wanting to test my faith. So, believe it or not, my friends, what came next will definitely be considered one of the most childish things ever for an adult to do. You probably would say I am silly if I tell you it. Don’t you start laughing. LOL ! I said to the LORD this:” I want to be the seed that produces fruit for you, LORD.” Then I went on to find a stick of tree branch on the ground about 2 metres away from the picnic table and dug a little hole and buried the seed there. After that I thought to myself:” No, this location is not good because the ground is hard and hasn’t got fertile soil, it doesn’t get much sun all day, the seed will not sprout or grow.” So, I decided to use the tree stick to dig out that seed, and then I went to dig another hole in a flower bed which was located 3 metres away from the picnic table on the opposite side. The flower bed had good soil and got sunshine nearly all day, so I buried the seed there and said a prayer. And the most amazing thing happened that night when I went to bed at about 9 o’clock. When I laid down to sleep, the peace was so deep and good, it made me feel as if an angel was putting me to sleep. I was out of this world straight away as soon as my head hit the pillow. Here we come, heaven:

1. Feeling and seeing God’s love for real.

In this dream I was opening my eyes, as soon as I did that, my eyes were met with this bright golden orange colour light. My natural reaction was to close my eyes straight away, thinking that this bright light would hurt my eyes. While my eyes were closed I thought to myself:” I want to see what that light is all about.” So, out of curiosity I was gradually and carefully opening my eyes again, and as soon as I did that, “Boom!” I felt and saw my whole body was being enveloped by this beautiful radiant bright golden orange light that is so pure, warm and loving. It looked like a thick blanket of fog, there was nothing else there but this thick fog of beautiful light. There were many little diamond-like light sparkles in this fog. My body could feel I was being loved. As I was still enjoying this loving feeling, I suddenly felt that my body was being lifted upward. As I was going upward in this loving orange light, I knew instantly that this was not a dream. I knew immediately at that moment that my earthly flesh body had left this world that is called “earth”, and my spirit is now ascending upward to heaven. Out of fear of dying, I said to God these words. I said:” LORD, even though I love you and I wanted to be with you, but I can’t die yet, my daughter is still young and my husband needs me to look after him, I can’t die yet.” (At that time my husband just had a back injury at work, and he needed me to care for him) After saying those words, God started to pour His love into my heart. I saw God’s love that looked like liquid gold being poured into my heart. My heart was like an empty cup, and His love just filled up my cup. I was so moved by this immense amount of love that was given to me by God, and this liquid gold love is love itself, so pure, so true, so beautiful and overwhelming. I felt so unworthy of His love. I was a sinner and I had sinned in some ways in the past that I regretted a lot about, and now God is loving me with this tremendous amount of love like this, it just blew my mind and my heart, literally. So, I said to the LORD:” LORD, I’m not worthy of your love, I’m only a sinner.” Straight after saying those words, God continued to pour more of His liquid gold love into my heart until my cup was overflowing with His pure love. Being deeply touched by God’s amazing grace, tears started running down all over my face. All of a sudden, all the fears I had about dying and the many concerns for this life on earth were just gone. God’s love had overcome all fears! And then I found myself arriving in heaven.

2. Seeing the Book of Life. God’s will for my life was revealed.

I found my feet were standing in mid-air at the same height as the clouds, ten thousand metres high up in the sky. I was surrounded by lots of clouds. There was no sun there to light up the sky, but everywhere I looked, it was so bright, no darkness, not a shadow at all. The air in heaven was so fresh and clean to breathe, and it had a beautiful scent to it. The clouds had shining light emanating from them. Everything in heaven is made of light, but I could see their colours, shapes and forms, the atmosphere was very bright, light emanated from everything in heaven. Then I heard some little children giggling and playing happily on a slide. They appeared to me in the form of transparent glass, but I could see and sense their shapes, but I didn’t get to see their faces. I don’t know why. At this time, one thought came into my mind. I was wondering whether my name was written in the Book of life. The moment this thought appeared in my mind, a Book was opened up right in front of me immediately. This Book was sitting on a table, but the Book was so big I couldn’t see the table, but I saw a man dressed in a long robe moving away from the Book, and he allowed me to have a look at the Book. I didn’t see this man’s face, but only the lower part of his body from his waist down was shown to me. I knew this man was the person who guarded this Book. I quickly had a peek in the Book, and I was shown two words, they were: “Tyre”, “Isaiah”. These two words revealed God’s will for my life, they explained what God wanted me to do for Him in this world on earth. “Tyre” was one of the cities that God destroyed, as we read <>. The people living in Tyre in ancient times rebelled against God and sinned greatly like a prostitute does. God destroyed Tyre in the end. “Isaiah” was one of the greatest prophets recorded in the Bible. Now the meaning of “Tyre” and “Isaiah” is this: God has called me to serve Him in this world, a world that is rebellious against God’s Law. God has given me the Spirit of prophecy. He has given me many dreams, visions, and words through His audible voice in the past to guide me, teach me. And I have spoken His words to His people and to the unbelievers for the purpose of reconciling them all back to God, hoping that they would repent and turn to the true living God, and inherit everlasting life in heaven after death. God will continue to give me visions, dreams and His audible voice to hear in the future so that God’s will will be done through me. The purpose of life is to do God’s will.

3. The great high wall in heaven.

Straight after my mission was revealed to me through the words “Tyre” and “Isaiah”, I was taken to another place. I found myself standing by this gigantic thick wall. The wall was so high, I couldn’t even see the top of it. It seemed that this wall was made of light because light was emanating from it. It looked like transparent glass but it looked so solid and strong that no nuclear bomb or any sort of weapon could ever blow it apart. It will not rust, will not rot, and will not break in any way, looked absolutely indestructible. I was so awed with joy seeing this amazing building work like this wall. It was absolutely magnificent!

4. Buildings made with gold in heaven.

The Next thing that followed was, I was taken to another location in heaven. This time I was looking up toward a very tall building with white radiant clouds around. This building looked similar to some of the ancient castles with spires in France. But this castle-like building was so glorious looking. It looked as if it were built with real gold, even real gold can not compare with it, because it looked like glass but it also looked like gold, and it had light radiating from it. Wow, it was absolutely stunning, even stunning is the understatement. I was so amazed by all of these marvelous beautiful things I had just seen so far. I was totally speechless.

5. Standing on the top of a high mountain with Lord Jesus. Mansions in heaven.

Next thing that happened was, I was taken to the top of a very high mountain. Beautiful radiant white clouds were surrounding me and the mountain. I was standing on Lord Jesus’ left hand side. His left hand was holding my right hand. He is very tall. Lord Jesus was wearing a long white robe. Bright radiant white light was emanating from His whole being. Lord Jesus was so holy glowing in His magnificent white light. I didn’t see into His face, I am short and He is very tall. I’m only up to about His elbow height. Then as we were both standing there, Lord Jesus told me, saying:”Look.” He stretched out His right arm and moved His hand upward a little bit, as if He was inviting me to see something. Upon hearing Him saying “Look”, I immediately lifted up my head and looked forward into the horizon. To my amazement, a vast scene of white clouds appeared in front of us, these clouds went for miles and miles, far without end. My eyes’ vision was so good at that time, I could see things far away with perfect clarity while in real life I have to wear glasses. The beautiful things that emerged out of the clouds were some new buildings that looked absolutely stunning. They were white in colour, had a round shape, they were the rooftops of the buildings. They looked very clean, solid, and new, emanating with white light, not a single speckle of dust was found on them. It gave me the impression that they would never rot, never rust, nor get dirty, no house cleaning to do there. How great it is, no house cleaning to do! And these are the mansions that Lord Jesus promised to prepare for us to live in when He said to Thomas in << John 14: 2-6 >>. God’s words are true and faithful. He was not lying when He said to Thomas there would be mansions in heaven for us to live in after death, and Lord Jesus will definitely come back and take us there. Now God had just allowed me to see all of those things before I even die yet. I thank the LORD for His mercy to me!

6. Rainbow in heaven. Lord Jesus is the beginning and the end of my life.

After seeing the mansions, I found myself sitting on the top of a rainbow. The colours of this rainbow were really amazing. I have never seen a rainbow with beautiful colours like this ever in my life. To be honest, no words could describe how beautiful it was. Each of the colours of the rainbow was so solid, intense, full, alive, radiant with light. I just went “Wow”, And then I started sliding down this gorgeous rainbow until my feet landed on this earth. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I found myself standing right in front of a picture of Lord Jesus which used to sit on my desk in my bedroom when I was in China. It was a photo of Jesus standing among some sheep with His left hand holding a staff, and His right hand was holding a cute little lamb. I remember I bought this picture at about 20 years old. One time I heard in a Hong Kong radio station, saying that Jesus was God, and I believed it straight away. Back then nothing about what Jesus did or said was known to me, apart from me acknowledging Him as God at that point. The chance of owning a Bible and reading it was when I came to New Zealand at 23 years old. I firmly believed that my faith in God was given to me by God, I didn’t choose Him but He chose me first. This is because when I was about 8 years old, when playing in the school playground with lots of kids around, suddenly a voice spoke very loud to me out of nowhere, no adults were there speaking to me, but I heard the voice say to me these words:” You shall marry a foreigner and have a daughter.” Those words were spoken to me in English, but the interesting strange thing was, I didn’t learn English until I was about 12 years old, but I understood those words when God spoke them to me. I believed there is a God ever since that day. Long story short, when I turned 23, I married a foreigner, my husband is a European New Zealander whose family originally came from Scotland, UK. And we do have a daughter together. God’s words to me came to pass. Lord Jesus is my beginning and He is also my end, just as He said in the Bible, saying:” I AM the Beginning and the End.”

<< Revelation 22:13>>. The faith that God gave me at the beginning of my life led me to a blessed everlasting life in Heaven with Lord Jesus. My wholehearted thanks and praises be to the LORD.

7. Awoke with a new perspective for life.

When I woke up from this dream it was about 6 o’clock in the morning. I knew very well that what I had just seen and experienced in heaven were real. I felt that life on earth is actually a dream, so “tasteless”, but life in heaven is real life. Being so elated by this experience, I bolted out the backdoor straight away, I looked up toward the sky, couldn’t believe what I just saw up there. Then I looked back down on earth at the green leafy veggies planted along the house, they sparkled with diamond-like shining lights on their leaves, as if these plants were alive and glorious like those things in heaven, radiating with light also. Since then the fear of dying was removed from me, because I had just died last night on that day, and the everlasting life in heaven after death is actually a much better life to live. There is no sickness in heaven, no pain, no sorrows, nor tiring work to do, but there is so much joy, peace, love there, nothing will rot, rust, decay or get dirty in heaven because everything is perfectly good there. God is real and He is the true riches. Lord Jesus is forever more alive and majestic. He has overcome death on the cross. He knows all my coming in and going out, He knows everything about me, I will not and can not hide anything from Him. God is omniscient, and He is true and faithful, Mighty and Holy!

Dear friends, thank you for taking your precious time to read my story! It is my hope that all of us will remember daily Lord Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, repent of our sins, thus receiving forgiveness and grace from the LORD. May the peace from God dwell in you always! May His Light shine upon your face, and His presence be felt by you always! Amen.

<Revelation 19:16>

And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: