Trump’s Cabinet: ‘Goldman, generals and gazillionaires’


Donald Trump ran for the White House as an outsider and a pragmatist. But he’s quickly putting together an administration that will be the most fiercely conservative of any in decades.

After campaigning as the least ideological presidential contender in modern times, Trump is naming a Cabinet and senior White House staff that is dominated by retired military leaders, wealthy business executives and partisan activists who oppose the historic mission of the departments they are poised to head. While the president-elect issued few policy blueprints while he was seeking the job, his nominees for key posts already have been leading the charge to dismantle President Obama’s initiatives on health care and climate change.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Cabinet: ‘Goldman, generals and gazillionaires’”


    Lift his soul up in prayer. Intercede in agreement with God’s will over his life. In Jesus’ holy name, call upon the Lord’s angels to surround him in a hedge of protection.

    Plead the blood of the Lamb over him. Stand in the gap…make up the hedge…bear his burdens in the spirit. Command all wicked maneuvers against him (both spirit and physical) to cease, in Jesus’ name.

    Trump can be used mightily by God — but he needs to be dropped to his knees…even prostrated face-down on the floor…in submission to the Lord of hosts.

    Don’t forget, also, that the current man in the White House deals treacherously. May snares be set before him, and may none of his works prosper or come to pass. And may he and his superiors and subordinates be taken in the craftiness of their own devices.

    Thank you, Lord. Thank you for your everlasting righteousness and sovereignty. May many be drawn to You and called to repentance.


  2. Donald is delegating.
    He is taking the best people he can find.
    Goldman Sachs has a lot of good people in it.
    The real test is yet to come.
    That is when this country either goes down the tubes or recovers.
    Donald recognizes he does not have the ability to do this by himself.
    So he is hiring the best help he can find to get the job done.
    Also it is far less likely the Democrats will put him out of office if he has this many powerful people in his government cabinet.
    He is stupid like a fox.
    The only thing we have to worry about is whether or not he will do anything for the common people out there that have placed him in office over Hillary.
    I see a lot of changes in the works. Some of which will cause a rapid increase in the cost of living of everyone. The people most effected will be those on a fixed income.
    Remember this, he either puts up or shuts up. Neither of which is likely given his personality. He either changes the rules so we all win or he changes them so corporations win and we lose.
    The later statement means he will lose big time in the next six months. I see him as winning. But if he makes the wrong decisions he will be impeached by his own party.

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