Tsunami Engulfs Two San Francisco Bridges – Steve Pursell

(Originally published by Meranda Snyder on Why God)

Re-Published From spursellpoet.com
Steve Pursell

In recent months several times, and again last night, I have received visions of a huge tsunami coming into the San Francisco Bay in California. I have seen two different scenes, both of which are of the tsunami engulfing a different bridge. The two bridges I saw engulfed are the Carquinez Bridge and the Martinez Bridge, both of which are back deeper in the bay waters than the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge, the latter two being closer out towards the Pacific Ocean. In the one vision the tsunami was tall enough to completely engulf the entire bridge all the way over the top of the Martinez Bridge which is 138 feet high. And, since the Carquinez Bridge is 394 feet tall, it may be close 300 feet tall. But I think it may be that Carquinez was not entirely engulfed. The visions keep coming so I know that it is a judgment from God that will happen if there is not enough repentance in that area of California. May God have mercy and pour out the spirit of repentance so the people will repent. I expect it will come but hopefully with prayer its size and the damage it does can be reduced. Lord, have mercy.

Steve Pursell, 6/14/18