Turmeric as effective for treating disease as 14 different conventional drugs, study finds

Turmeric powder - Photo by Sanjay Acharya

It’s no secret that turmeric has amazing healing properties; in fact, it’s one of the most thoroughly researched plants in history. Dating back thousands of years, humans have used turmeric as both a food and a medicine, even using it to cure life-threatening diseases.

Researchers at GreenMedInfo, an organization dedicated to providing evidence-based resources to the world, found turmeric to have over 600 potential preventive and therapeutic applications and 175 distinct beneficial physiological effects.

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2 thoughts on “Turmeric as effective for treating disease as 14 different conventional drugs, study finds”

  1. Remarkable!!! God has provided us so many natural plants and herbs that have miracle properties to them.

  2. The problem is thatTurmeric only is absorbed by the body by a fraction of a percent.
    To be effective it must be abosrbed a lot more. So be careful which supplement of turmeric you take. I think it is documented that Tumeric to be effective has to be 30 percent or more absorbed into the body. I am not a doctor. Only a professional knows for sure.
    The trouble is that the American Medical Association makes very little money off of supplements.
    It costs them a lot of business when people do not get sick.
    So even if this miracle drug works, no doctor in his right mind will prescribe it.
    It is thought to work against cancers. It is thought to stabilize diabetes. Yet little is heard about either in medical circles.
    Whenever a lot of money is involved, the doctor’s union will find ways so that things that work are not used against their cattle. Those cattle are us. We are being treated by wolves.
    Follow the evil trail of money and you will see what I mean.
    Despite billions of dollars of research, nothing has really changed. Diabetes is still uncureable. Cancer still requires doctors to legally treat it with antique methods such as surgery and chemotherapy. If I told you that bleeding a patient is just as effective, it would not be believed. Yet changing the iron content of blood might help diabetics. That coems from sources I consider unreliable by medical standards. Heads they win, tails you lose. There is not real answer to their greed though.
    The truth is that medicine is a carefully cultivated maintenance instead of any cures in today’s world. Cures come out of countries that make no profit on medicine. That is practically no one today.
    You want cures. Quit feeding them. Give the big reward to the one finding the cure.

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