U.S. government houses veterans in dilapidated building filled with mold, bedbugs and disease-carrying rats

Bed Bugs

It’s becoming clear — honorable US service men and women are becoming nothing more than expendable numbers filed away in a system set up to profit off their service, rather than respect and honor their service. For those who volunteer to serve, it’s about defending the country’s freedom and values, but as they begin to take orders, many realize that they are just being used. Some soldiers feel like they are nothing but mere pawns in a global industrial chess match. Stamped through one at a time, brave men and women are turned into fodder for the gears of a machine that no longer represents true national defense. Soldiers’ valiant sacrifices are now swallowed up in an ongoing spiral of profitable, perpetual conflict abroad. When they are sent home, many soldiers are put on psychotic medications and some veterans are housed in the most despicable conditions as they age.

Today, military men and women return home in significant numbers with post-traumatic stress disorder. A shocking number of these returning veterans commit suicide today — a sure sign that something is wrong with the foreign policy that is executed today. Why are veterans ending their life when they return home?

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