U.S. Satisfaction With Organized Religion Settling At Lower Levels

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A slight majority of Americans, 53%, are satisfied with the influence of organized religion in the U.S. This level of satisfaction has changed little over the past three years, but remains down from what Gallup has measured previously — including higher levels measured in 2001 to 2004 — suggesting that Americans’ satisfaction with organized religion has settled in at a new baseline.

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1 thought on “U.S. Satisfaction With Organized Religion Settling At Lower Levels”

  1. There are more than one type of “religious” people.
    There are people that believe. Those people practice their religious beliefs. When they are in need, they get together in prayer groups and pray to God for help with their problems. These people have something called faith. They believe that if they pray together, miracles often happen. I am one of those believers. It is God’s choice to help us, not ours. He is in charge, not us. People often forget that. His purposes are not necessarily our purposes. But when he does answer prayers, there is often no explanation that professionals can make. They ignore it for the most part. But there are a lot of people in medicine that could tell tales that would raise the hairs on your head. Miracles do happen sometimes. Miracles do happen when you are least likely to think that they would to people you might think do not deserve it. God decides to whom miracles occur. Many a person on death’s door has made a sudden recovery. It happens to believers.
    There are Pharasees. They are at the church for show and appearance of things. I am well aware of this group in churches as well.
    You also have the politicians that claim to be Christians. You will know them by how they vote on things. Watching them do their thing is a full time occupation. Any resemblance between what they say and what they do may be a coincidence.
    All of Christianity can be judged by the fruits of their labors.
    Remember that in the New Testament there are many incidences of Jesus actually reading the people he is talking to. Knowing their hearts. I personally think when he does return the fur will fly.
    I think Jesus has little patience with hypocrites.
    When he returns, there is a lot of house cleaning going to occur.
    I attribute the lack of faith to the form of education given in our classrooms. There is many an aethist teaching in our schools.
    There are way too many teachers that take science as a religion and the scientists as gods.
    Science does change. It does progress. There is very little in what was taught 60 years ago in today’s classrooms on science.
    These teachers influence our youth way too much.
    The talk the talk and are very convincing in their idea that science is truth and makes no mistakes. Yet nothing further could be true.
    They often talk of religion as if it is all fake and a con. That is the source of your decline in religious beliefs.

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