UN Exploits Zika Virus to Push Abortion in Pro-Life Nations

United Nations - Public Domain

The United Nations is exploiting hysteria over the Zika virus to wage war on babies, stepping up its efforts to legalize abortion across pro-life Latin American nations where the killing of unborn children mostly remains a serious crime. While stoking fears over the virus, the UN is even claiming that what it disingenuously refers to as “human rights” and “international law” demand that pre-born babies in Latin America lose their right to life. Pro-life advocates, religious leaders, and governments across the region, though, are fighting back hard.

The UN has long been pushing for abortion to be legalized and made “safe” worldwide. Its most recent effort came this year, when the global body, often ridiculed as the “dictators club,” unveiled its “Every Woman, Every Child” campaign in which it calls for “safe abortions” under the guise of saving lives — though apparently unborn babies’ lives are of no concern. Before that, under the pretext of “sustainable development,” the UN “Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women,” or UN Women for short, also called for global abortion on demand, along with more sterilization programs and population-control schemes, and more government interference in family life.

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