UN resolution: Israel must renounce nuclear arms

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The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-backed resolution Tuesday calling on Israel to renounce possession of nuclear weapons and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight.

The resolution, adopted in a 161-5 vote, noted that Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that is not party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It called on Israel to “accede to that treaty without further delay, not to develop, produce test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons, to renounce possession of nuclear weapons” and put its nuclear facilities under the safeguard of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency.

The United States and Canada were among four countries that joined Israel in opposing the measure, while 18 countries abstained.

Israel is widely considered to possess nuclear arms but declines to confirm it.

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1 thought on “UN resolution: Israel must renounce nuclear arms”

  1. I suggest that ALL nations put away their nuclear weapons. It is really stupid to posses weapons that would destroy the entire planet if used.
    Until such day, no nation should be put in this position.
    Did you put a similar resolution out asking Arabs to do the same thing?
    If so what was the response?
    What is good for one should be good for everyone.
    I hear Russia is putting together new weapons in complete disregard to existing treaties. Did anyone resolution them?
    So why are they doing this to Israel without regard to doing it to anyone else?
    I think we need to kick the UN out of the United States and disenfranchise it if they continue to do this kind of business.
    By disenfranchise I mean quit paying for it.
    Until the rest of the countries pay their dues to this organization, I do not feel that they should have the right to vote on anything.
    The UN is not America’s friend and probably has never been on our side on any issue. It won’t be long before they threaten our national jurisdiction over our own laws. I suggest we show them the door. Maybe France will take them.

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