Video: Cop Face-Slams Handcuffed Teen Girl Into Concrete Floor, Knocking Teeth Out

Police Brutality

Sickening video has emerged of yet another police officer violently slamming a handcuffed suspect face-first into the ground.

The footage shows Colorado Springs officer Tyler Walker ramming 18-year-old Alexis Acker into the concrete floor while the girl was already restrained.

The police reports, claim that Walker “escorted her to the floor,” or that he “rolled her to the floor.”

Indeed, the officer “escorted” Acker to the floor with such force that her front teeth were smashed in and permanent injuries were caused, including trauma to the face, head, teeth and jaw; migraine headaches, concussion, closed head injuries, memory and cognitive function problems, as well as post traumatic stress disorder.

The incident occurred in late 2013. The video has just been released as part of a $500,000 brutality lawsuit against the CSPD.

Acker had been arrested on charges of resisting arrest and assault on a police officer, with cops claiming that she was “intoxicated and verbally uncooperative with police,” during an attempted arrest of her boyfriend.

The cops delivered Acker to the hospital so doctors could grant “medical clearance” for her to be taken to jail, according to the police report. It was in the hospital where the footage was captured.

The officer is seen slamming Acker to the ground after she kicked out at him when he ordered her to sit down.

While it is clear that the very slight teenage girl did not in any way harm Walker, who is 100 pounds heavier than her, he alleged that she “kicked him in the groin area” and that he felt “immediate pain”.

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