Video: New York Deputy Slaps Man For Refusing Unwarranted Search

Police Brutality

A New York deputy with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department was caught on film early Friday morning slapping a young man who declined to have his vehicle searched.

According to Adam Roberts, who spoke with Infowars after uploading the disturbing video to Youtube, he and his friend Colin Fitch were approached by two deputies while shopping inside a Walmart that evening.

After being forced to present their IDs, the pair were taken outside to Colin’s vehicle and asked about a .22 rifle on the backseat.

As Colin explained that he had just purchased the rifle earlier that day at a nearby store, a deputy Shawn Glans began demanding access to the vehicle, despite Colin proving that he was of legal age to own it.

“So they started questioning us and were very ornery and asking about the gun and what not and then Colin asked him what we had done wrong and what he was charging us with and he didn’t give us a good answer,” Roberts said.

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1 thought on “Video: New York Deputy Slaps Man For Refusing Unwarranted Search”

  1. The problem the authorities that pay this man’s salary have is legally wrong to the tune of millions of dollars.
    Hopefully the HR department will handle it by firing him. But that is really not enough. They need to put the guy away for his own good.
    Or Internal Affairs might want to have a little bit closer look at this man’s psych profile. It is not only costly to the government supporting him but it is extremely dangerous for this man to be running loose. He is obviously in need of mental health care.
    That either Internal Affairs or the HR department where he works has allowed him to continue as a police officer is gross neglect on their part.
    Civil Service employees are notoriously hard to fire and make it stick. I think that he needs a fair hearing.
    But if a hearing leads to his discharge then they need to take it one step further and have him examined by a competent psychiatrist to determine whether or not he is fit to be on the streets.

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