What Does Pope Francis Mean When He Says That ‘God Is Not Afraid Of New Things’?

Pope Francis - Photo by Christoph Wagener

Pope Francis on Sunday, as he beatified Pope Paul VI who implemented the Second Vatican Council’s vast changes, called on the church to adapt to “changing conditions of society.”

His remarks took on added meaning as the bishops ended a two-week conference by rejecting landmark wording that would soften the church’s stance toward homosexuality and divorce.

“God is not afraid of new things,” Francis pointedly said during the beatification Mass.

Whether the document issued Saturday by the bishops is viewed as a setback for the pope, the conference did show the church can discuss difficult topics — such as the role of gays, lesbians and divorced Catholics. It also exposed a wide rift between conservative and liberal-minded leaders.

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2 thoughts on “What Does Pope Francis Mean When He Says That ‘God Is Not Afraid Of New Things’?”

  1. Moral relativism. has God changed his stance on murder? How about adultery? At what point does the immoral become moral? When some human says so?

    • This is how it breaks down: They highjack a civil rights movement group, create a cultural perception that criticizing said group has become detestable, and then use this group to pass legislation that would have previously seemed draconian and authoritative unable to be contested or criticized because they have already made it “taboo” to do so. People who come out and criticize their agenda are labeled bigots, or racists, or misogynists, or conspiracy theorists, or privileged, or my favorite “teabaggers”.

      God told us it would be like this in the end times.

      Isaiah 5:19-21

      19Who say, “Let Him make speed, let Him hasten His work, that we may see it; And let the purpose of the Holy One of Israel draw near And come to pass, that we may know it!” 20Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter 21Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight!…

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