What Marty Breeden Experienced When He Went “Code Blue” Changed His Life Forever

Sometimes it takes a “great shaking” to get us to turn back to God, and that is certainly what happened to Marty Breeden. Four years ago, he went “code blue” twice, and he could have very easily slipped into eternity for good.

But God still had a purpose for him, and He sent him back with a startling message.

Since then, Marty’s powerful ministry has touched countless numbers of people all over the globe.

And this is a message for all of us. Your past does not have to equal your future. We are all in the process of becoming who we are going to be, and the greatest chapters of your life can still be ahead of you.

So even if you have not been living as you should up to this point, you can have an incredibly powerful ministry during the years ahead if you will surrender your life totally to the Lord.

Here is what Marty posted just a few days ago

Today, 4 years ago today….my life changed forever.

On July 17, 2015…While being attended to at the hospital I went into “Acute Respiratory Failure”

I stopped breathing on my own and went CODE BLUE!!!

I would go CODE BLUE yet again within 48 hours!!!
I had an Emergency Tracheostomy in an attempt to save my life.
My heart went into Atrial flutter.

3 weeks on a respirator to sustain my life. I had to learn how to walk again, talk again and swallow again.

It was a long recovery.

At the time I was tired and weary. My life had drifted far from the God of my youth.
No one less worthy than me and the Lord could have let me perish in that state…..BUT GOD!

As most of you know, I was IMMEDIATELY ushered into the Presence of God.
His voice as the echo of the ages said, “MY CHURCH DOES NOT REALLY BELIEVE THAT I’M COMING BACK SOON!!!”

I was given this message and more from the Lord and was sent back and told to “Tell those things which you have heard!”
I’ve tried to be faithful to do just that!

For those who have not seen my testimony, I’ll include a video I did with Christina Lyn Leahz in the comments.

God bless you all and I love you!