Why is the GOP just sitting around on repealing Obamacare after winning the impossible?

How many times have Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare in the last six years? Twenty, 30, 40 times?  MSNBC claims it’s around 62. In 2015, Congress actually put a repeal bill on President Obama’s desk.And now that Republicans control every lever of power in the legislative process, suddenly the task to repeal has become monumental. Not so when the GOP was in the minority.

It is not easy to name a member of Congress — or any GOP elected official — who has not run on repealing Obamacare. Certainly every House Republican worth his or her salt is already on record voting for a full repeal — that is, back when there was no danger of those bills seeing daylight. As one member recently phrased it: “We’re playing with live rounds this time.”

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  1. My personal concern, is that President Trump will renege on his promise to not touch Social Security. The Paul Ryan Budget will have cuts to Social Security, will President Trump veto it? Budget director Mike Mulvaney is also for cutting Social Security. The thing is in 1983, Ronald Reagan, passed that we should pay more for our Social Security. We were the first generation paying for both our parents social security and prepaying for our own. Now they say, too bad? Then there was the 401Ks, which were invested in the stock market, through several bust cycles. Pensions, have been robbed, by people cutting up companies, and the CDO debacle. (The government then comes in and shores it up at a much lower level) So people can work hard, do everything that is right, and be dirt poor.

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