Why More Churches Are Suddenly Affirming Same-Sex Marriage


Unsurprisingly, the move to affirm same-sex marriage is affecting churches. For instance, First Baptist Church of Austin has adopted a “diversity statement” that welcomes members regardless of sexual orientation into “the full life of our community.”

Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas announced last Monday that a majority of its members voted to open weddings, baby dedications, ordination and leadership positions to people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

With more and more Christian churches and public figures endorsing same-sex marriage, it might seem that those who do not go along will be left behind. But popularity must never be a test for truth. Conventional wisdom is often less than wise.

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2 thoughts on “Why More Churches Are Suddenly Affirming Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. The article conveniently forgot to mention how Biblical Christianity teaches sodomy as a sin that is contrary to how God made humans “in His image and likeness”….and sodomy is a wheat and tares thing – the Biblical churches oppose sodomy whereas worldly churches approve it – it’s now easier to tell the wheat churches/individuals from the tare churches/individuals. God loves the sinner but hates the sin….which is why homosexual marriage is neither “equal”, a “right”, nor “love is love” – to the contrary, it is dangerous and destructive to individuals, families (particularly children) and society as a whole.

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